Main Hard Drive Letter, does it matter?

  Mysticnas 13:46 05 Mar 2003


installed my new hard drive as the master drive. It came out as F: drive.

My old drive was C:

i thought everything was ok...

however... my brother seems to think that if it's the main drive it should automatically turn to C if it's the main drive. I've even disconnected the old drive from the system, but it still comes up as F: drive....

Does this matter?

i run WinXP pro (NTFS)

  Mysticnas 13:56 05 Mar 2003

..just told me that drive C has to be the boot drive....

but i only have my new F drive in (which i'm using now) at the moment and everything seems ok..

is there anything that might cause a prob with my main drive being F drive?

  Mysticnas 14:01 05 Mar 2003

if i do reassign the drive letters... will that effect applications that are already installed?

for example, something was installed on F drive and when i change F to C, will the applications be looking to files in F drive?

  €dstow 14:04 05 Mar 2003

If it all works OK, I would leave it alone. You could cause all sorts of problems messing around changing drive letters.


  Mysticnas 14:05 05 Mar 2003

been telling me that it should be C drive is infact a load of codswallop???

  Djohn 14:16 05 Mar 2003

€dstow, is correct in saying that "if it works fine, leave alone"

But normally your main drive should be C Drive, and future programs that you load will default to this drive, unless you specifically point them to F drive.

I'm not sure, but it looks as though you have tried to install your new drive as a master drive, when C drive was already in your PC and working as the master drive.

If you also have two CD drives, D, and E, then your new hard drive would automatically receive the letter F, if installed incorrectly.

  Mysticnas 14:38 05 Mar 2003

what i did, was to change the old C: drive to slave using the pin headers on the back of the drive and new drive as slave using the pin headers.

then i booted up and went into bios to get it to try and boot from new master drive. cuz there was no OS on new drive it booted from XP CD.

i then installed XP pro on the new drive.

now i have two drives both with XP pro on them.

i want to format the old C: drive and use it a scratch/storage disk. this will leave the new drive to run windows and other important apps from.

  Djohn 14:43 05 Mar 2003

Mysticnas, I can't quite get my head round this one, but feel that you may have done it incorrectly.

Best to wait for someone with more knowledge than me to help you with this question. Regards. J.

  Mysticnas 15:03 05 Mar 2003

i have 120Gb drive (C:) which had windows XPpro on it. had it for 7months. Windows had probs, tried everything to sort out the prob. didn't work. i was left with only 1 option, format and start fresh. but i had about 20Gb of data to save. so instead of taking to a shop paying £35 an hour to get them to back up data and fix problem i would do it myself and have an extra HDD as well.

so i brought new HDD. 40Gb

i placed connected it up as master drive and changed the old C drive to slave. i even made sure that it was set up right by checking it in BIOS. was showing up fine.

now got it to boot from XP CD and formatted and installed XP on new drive. leaving the old drive well alone.

now i had 2 drives both with XP on them. the old one with XP, all data and apps on it and new one with just XP.
old drive was still C drive and new drive was F drive.

i then transfered all data i needed to new drive in a folder. and now want to wipe the old drive. and use it as a scratch/storage disk

however someone has told me that the main drive needs to be the boot drive and any other letter may mess up my pc sooner or later.
is this true?

I even disconnected the old drive (drive C) completey from the system and booted up off new drive (f drive) and windows shows it as F drive still. everything is working fine.

but just worried that it might mess up along the way.

Both drives are connected to one IDE lead.

  reaths 16:30 05 Mar 2003

think this will work
wipe os from old drive.
transfer your data to old drive
make sure master in top connector on ide cable
slave in middle & motherboard at bottom
you may have to swap the bays they are in
then run a new set up of XP formatting only C:/
drive(master) they should all be in the correct order.

  geof 16:51 05 Mar 2003

Myhard drive is F . Everything works, although I had to reassign my DVD reader, CD-RW , and Zip-drives, before everything ran smoothly - it seems that when the system is first powered up, letters are allotted in the order in which things are found, but usually it doesn't matter.

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