Main Hard Drive critically full

  Jamous 13:52 09 Dec 2014


I have a 320GB HDD which holds my OS and program files etc and a 500GB HDD which I bought just for photos and music etc

About a week ago my main C drive was showing red and said only 10GB free so I went into my pictures and movies and moved some bits to the D drive (only about 25GB worth) leaving me with 35GB free on C drive

For some reason today, the C drive is showing red again and states 12GB free!! Now the only thing that has really happened is my wife streamed a couple of films and I streamed a bit of footy

I have not added any large files / programs in the last week

Any ideas why it would fill up 23GB in a week and what is the best way to check where all this space is being used


PS. I have deleted history from Google Chrome but this didnt seem to even touch it

  onthelimit1 14:11 09 Dec 2014

WinDirStat is a usefull free tool for finding what's clogging up the hard drive. It may be auto-backups that's doing it.

1]: [click here

  lotvic 14:13 09 Dec 2014

Have you emptied your Temporary folder? In the Run box type %temp% and click on ok to bring it up, then put cursor in the lefthand pane (click on a blank bit), hold down Ctrl and press A to select all and then delete. They will be moved to your Recycle bin so don't forget to empty it too.

Ccleaner is good little free program that clears up the dross, quite a few on here use it.

  Jamous 14:35 09 Dec 2014

Great suggestions, just installing WinDirStat but already looks to be very useful

The &temp% cleared 115MB but as they say "every little helps" lol

  john bunyan 14:44 09 Dec 2014

Have a look at similar thread:

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  Jamous 16:50 09 Dec 2014

WOW Great suggestions today - Many thanks all

By moving some photos and docs over I managed to get from 12.8GB free to 54.6GB

Then .... followed some of the suggestions and after running the system restore feature in CC Cleaner it leapt to 86.4GB of space!!!

Cheers to all

  Jamous 20:28 09 Dec 2014

Okay now this is crazy :-(

As per my earlier post at 4:50 my C drive had 86.4GB free

The PC has not been used since (although was switched on) and I have just looked at it has "lost" 10GB of storage as now shows 76.2!

How do I find out what has taken up this storage in less than 4 hours??

  john bunyan 20:52 09 Dec 2014

Download Treesize, select C drive and expand each folder to try to find the reason.


  john bunyan 20:56 09 Dec 2014

Have a read here

pagefil sys

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