Main Drive is F: Want it to be C: How do I?!?

  GibsonSt19 23:38 14 Dec 2003

Just formatted my 2x 120gb SATA Maxtor Drives, installed Windows XP Pro, however now that I'm in Windows I can see that my System Drive is F:

Why on earth is this the case. C: is listed, however it's listed as a removable drive (which I don't have).

Actually, I don't really care how this happened, would just like to know how to change it.


  Chegs ® 23:56 14 Dec 2003

I had a similar thing happen recently,only as my XP is vanishing after a reboot,next time I reinstalled I made damn sure it went onto C:

Aside from this,a search on google should produce the neccesary file/info.I spotted an app recently while surfing that offered to do this,only it wasn't that info I was looking for so unsure where it was on the www.

  Chegs ® 23:58 14 Dec 2003
  ahales42 00:01 15 Dec 2003

you sure your not steve gibson. lol.

  ahales42 00:15 15 Dec 2003

ok. remove your 2nd HD.get your bios to boot from cd.format your hd and install to c:

  ahales42 00:17 15 Dec 2003

then connect your second hd. restart and go to biod to make sure it`s installed.then restart.

  Chegs ® 00:19 15 Dec 2003

1. Go to System Administrative Tools (if you can't find it in the Start menu, you need to turn it on in Start Menu Properties).

2. Open Computer Management.

3. From the left menu, choose Disk Management under Storage.

4. Right click on the drive whose letter you would like to change and select "Change drive letter and paths..."

5. Select the drive letter you want.

Remember: It is not recommended to change the drive letter of a drive if the drive contains system files or has programs installed on it.

  GibsonSt19 17:56 15 Dec 2003

I just realised that I had a CardReader attached to my PC, which had fallen off my shelf, but was still connected to the PC.

Strange though that the 'puter recognises this before the HDD's.

Once I removed the CardReader and restarted the install, all was well.

Thanks lots!

  Chegs ® 19:28 15 Dec 2003

Cardreader.....I have one too,its done this to me as well.(even tried to install itself with XP. :-) on a 64mb card!)

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