main causes of no post?

  [DELETED] 07:36 27 Dec 2003

Hi Guys/Girls

What are the MAIN causes for no post on pc start up. It runs but no I get no post . It just sits there with a black screen. Tried everything. I was getting the long RAM BEEEEEEP! fixed that with jumper swap. Syntax say short 1 and 2 jumper for 100MHz. It would not run that but would with it totally removed.
Since Bios is stand alone chip..does it mean it can not be the CPU,HHD and now..ram?

Does that mean it can only be the graphics or mobo?

Help pleaase!!

  [DELETED] 08:04 27 Dec 2003

shortcircuit. The first thing I would suspect with a no post is the memory. Have you double checked to make sure it's fully pushed home? it should go in with firm pressure and you will here it click as it seats in, then move the end tabs over the stick to hold firmly in place. j.

  Terrahawk 08:07 27 Dec 2003

the bios runs basic diagnostics while the machine is booting what speed is your ram supposed to run at check it alternativly
the best way i can say would be strip your mobo down so you just have cpu & fan running then boot see if you get post one single beep if it does post start reinstalling the components one by one so install ram boot see if it goes to post then graphics card and so on

  [DELETED] 08:30 27 Dec 2003

Thanks both.
Although I only started to build PC's about 18 months ago, I have now built about 12 for various people,friend, family, and paying customers. I used to use PC Chips first but they were unreliable so switched to Asus A7V8X with either 2500xp bartons or 1800Xp for budget with jetway 266B. I have always used Crucial ram and a good heatsink. The thing is, I have experienced very few problems!! They all start first time and all have been reliable(except PC Chips which used to have on board graphics problems or USB problems or just didn't work)I have learnt most of my knowledge from this forum, reading Micromart and practise.I am comfortable with hardware but still poor with software.


This pc is a friends. It stopped working for him, so I assumed it was the mobo. I fitted it all into his old case with a new 350w psu with a Syntax SV266a. I thought this might be ok as I have used this chip with Jetway 266B( which were all reliable. I had problems first with looooong beeps which I knew was a ram fault. It was all seating properly, but the manual says that you move Jumper 4 to closed(default) for pc100.( it is a duron 1100)Only after removing the jumper did it stop beeping but still no display. I changed the graphics pci card( don't laugh) he was using to no avail.I just wondered if a faulty CPU could stop a post? Or could it still be ram(tried all configurations with 5 sticks)or have I missed the obvious. I have stripped the system down and have started it buck naked with no post.Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 08:34 27 Dec 2003

Got to go to work now. Please post any advice you might have . Back about 3!!

  [DELETED] 08:36 27 Dec 2003

Yes a faulty or non compatible CPU will cause the same problem. I tried a higher rated CPU in my system and same as you, PC would start but no display, refitting the original CPU and all worked fine.

  [DELETED] 08:54 27 Dec 2003

Hi shortcircuit, I have rebuilt 2 computers using the same Syntax motherboard, and the only problem I had was when I tried to use an old stick of (supposedly PC100) ram. I then used a known good stick, and all was ok.

A point of some importance - JP4 refers to the processor FSB, the motherboard appears to work out for itself what the ram frequency is, and this may be why the older stick of memory didn't work in my case.

By the way, one of the rebuilds was with a pci graphics card, it was good enough for what it was required to do, and the total cost of the rebuild with new case, processor and motherboard was about £100 which must be good value.

  Ozy 11:24 27 Dec 2003

i build puters the lat one i did would not post
i tried what terrahawk sugested no joy
then i checked for a shortcurcuit, and found one of the motherboard screws was longer than the others and was toching the bottom of the case
changed screw computer worked

  [DELETED] 16:11 27 Dec 2003

Thanks all. I'm gonna try a change of cpu. I upgraded my brothers recently so will try his. Will post back with results.

  Stuartli 17:55 27 Dec 2003

PC Chips doesn't have the highest reputation..:-)

However, although Elite is now part of this group, its offerings are far superior and, apart from its own mobos, it also builds the low cost products for firms such as Asus.

It's more economical for Asus to contract such mobos to Elite, while ATI-based graphics cards are also among hardware made by Elite.

Elite is also the fourth largest mobo manufacturer in the world and has been building them for longer than some of the better known names.

I have a four-year-old Elite P6BXT-A+ board (takes Socket 370 and Slot 1 CPUs), which is as stable as a rock and has never missed a beat.

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