Mailwasher yes/no?

  Legolas 16:45 23 May 2003

I used to receive about 25-30 e-mails a day most of them spam, so I installed Mailwasher so that I could bounce the e-mails back without downloading them from the server.Since I started using Mailwasher my spam e-mail has increased instead of decreased. I now receive 45-55 most days and some days upwards of 70. Is anyone else running Mailwasher having the same problem.

  Wes Tam ;-) 16:51 23 May 2003

Legolas, I'm running Mailwasher - no problem with spam.

  -pops- 16:57 23 May 2003

I've only recently installed MailWasher because of a huge upsurge in junk in the last three weeks or so. I do have the BT spam catcher but still loads get through and, frankly, I'm getting a bit narked with it all.

There seems to be a geometric progression in the amount of junk - I'm not blaming MailWasher, just the opposite.

It might be suggested that I change my email address but, why should I? I've had this address for a good long time now and it would be a dreadful fag to have tell all my legitimate contacts about the change. It also makes it that the spammers have got one over on me - they can't sell me anything so they'll cause as much trouble as they can!

I tell you, I've got a good use for a pair of bricks - normally used on camels.


  roundhead123 16:58 23 May 2003

I tried Mailwasher and found it impossible to install - it kept telling me my name was wrong or my password or my account - now it's uninstalled and I'm back to just deleting the spam as before !

  -pops- 17:00 23 May 2003

My MailWasher didn't want my name or password or account. Are we talking about the same thing?

  rawprawn 17:05 23 May 2003

I use mailwasher & I have no problems, having said that I get very little spam, only 3 in the last 2 years.I never give out my email address unless I trust the site, & I never use my hotmail address although I have one for Passport.
I do get advertising from sites such as autobytel, travel people etc but I find if I unsubscribe to such sites the emails stop.

  Legolas 17:13 23 May 2003

pops when you set up Mailwasher it asks you for your email account details so it can access your email account otherwise it could'nt access the mail server to download the mail.

  Tenner 17:34 23 May 2003

Thank goodness for MailWasher is my view.

I have a simple email address, and it doesn't take a genious to swamp ISPs with junk - some addresses use only the recipient's name eg <surname>

I get about 20 per day, 12 of which are crude junk. My thoughts are :
a) the simple address b) the ISP was hacked a while back - they've admitted to this AND/OR c) in my excitement at installing MailWasher, I bounced for about a week, thinking 'I'll get my own back !' - then it dawned on me that the junk was increasing, so I no longer 'bounce'.

The only obvious solution is to change address, but like pops, why should I ? Nah... MailWasher ensures it stays with the ISP, rather than downloading porn onto my machine.


  Legolas 18:08 23 May 2003

Tenner so you think that bouncing the email increases it?

  Ironman556 18:22 23 May 2003


It seems to I've been using Mailwasher for about a month now, I used to get mails from "randomname" occasionally, since I started bouncing it I get at least 2 or 3 every day from them. I never bounce anything now, just to delete junk before downloading, plus most of the return addresses are fake.

You could try one of the opther programs on the PCA discs.

  Tenner 18:24 23 May 2003

I have a sneaking suspicion it does - I cannot prove it - just a gut feeling as the increase in porn junk was quite dramatic after a week of 'bouncing'. Cannot blame M/W, just the user !

The main thing is I don't have to down-load to check whether mail is OK or not, which makes life a little sweeter, and stops me from ranting. M/W is, generally, good for the blood pressure ;-)



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