Mailwasher programme question

  muscic lover 11:42 05 May 2007

I use mailwasher to download my e-mails. Now spam is easily filtered.... but
If I use mailwasher to 'open' my mail to check if it is spam or good stuff am I liable to be hit by those sort of sites that automatically record wether the mail has been read or not?

do you use mailwasher as well?

Just wondering.


  p;3 12:03 05 May 2007

I use mailwasher; run it; if at all in doublt open it and right mouse click the line you are worried about then see preview message ; left mouse click; then tick display full messager and message sourse; if in doubt; merely mark for deletion in the mailwasher and press process mail and it will be removed from server; as far as I am aware previewing it does NOT alert anyone that is has been previewed

though I might just test that on one of my own

  Jackcoms 15:22 05 May 2007

"I use mailwasher to download my e-mails"

No, you don't.

Mailwasher does not download e-mails. It merely allows you to preview what is on your ISP's server.

It is only after you click Mailwasher's 'Process Mail' button that the e-mail is downloaded to your e-mail client (OE, Outlook, etc, etc).

So, the answer to your question is no.

  p;3 17:31 05 May 2007

I think the question is; does previewing mail IN mailwasher spark off a 'read receipt '?

  Jackcoms 18:09 05 May 2007

"I think the question is; does previewing mail IN mailwasher spark off a 'read receipt '?"

And, as I've already said, the answer is no

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