mailwasher problems-more spam than usual

  terryp96 19:53 30 Sep 2003

Since I installed the free version of Mailwasher I am being inundated with spam e-mails, including 6 e-mails from microsoft which I know contains a virus. I get about 70 + spam e-mails every night 99% of which are blacklisted on Mailwasher but they still appear despite the fact I have ticked them not too appear. Anyone got Mailwasher to work or is it just me having problems.
Are there any other programmes out there that will cut spam down.
Where has this sudden flood of spam come from generally?

  Mango Grummit 19:58 30 Sep 2003

click here never used it but does not seem very worthwhile judging by what others are saying.

  MAJ 19:59 30 Sep 2003

Mailwasher isn't the problem, terryp96, not from my experience of using it anyway. Have you Adaware or Spybot Search and Destroy installed so that you can rid your system of any Spyware?

  Jester2K II 20:07 30 Sep 2003

Mailwasher is doing its job - deleting the mail. Thats all it can do.

There no miracle cure to stop spam being sent to you.

"they still appear despite the fact I have ticked them not too appear" You ARE then hitting Process Mail to delete them before opening your mail client??

  terryp96 20:12 30 Sep 2003

Yes I do have Adaware and I do process mail to get rid of them but they just keep reappearing the next day. I am away on holiday shortly and am expecting 500 or so when I get back, not much fun!

  Chris the Ancient 21:03 30 Sep 2003

Similar thread here

click here


  terryp96 22:45 30 Sep 2003

Thanks Chris, that's very interesting, I usually bounce so maybe I will try something different.

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