Mailwasher--a problem!

  DIYgirl 19:42 12 Mar 2006

I recently downloaded Mailwasher and have been using it for just a few days. And I have a problem with it.

Today I checked my messages: there were several spammy ones, which I deleted, and one from a friend, which I left alone so that it would download into OE. OE duly opened, checked my messages--and found none.

I checked my messages again with Mailwasher and it found none. Hmmm.

An hour or so later I again Mailwashed and there was the message from my friend. Again, I deleted the one spammy email and left Nanette's alone. When OE opened it again found no messages from anyone.

I later opened OE wihtout Mailwashing and there were no messages for me.

I've just Mailwashed again and there was Nanette's message again: this time I marked her as a friend but when OE opened, it still didn't find her message.

Any ideas what's going on?

  Shadwellal 21:27 12 Mar 2006

Mailwasher gets rid of selected spam from your ISP server and leaves the other messages ready to download as normal. In OE, have you clicked on "Send and receive?"

  rawprawn 07:30 13 Mar 2006

When you check with Mailwasher, tick all the spam, then click process mail all the spam will disappear, then click Mail Program. That will open OE and if it is set to auto send or receive, the rest of your mail will arrive, if not click send/receive.

  €dstowe 08:10 13 Mar 2006

Try ePrompter if you can't get on with Mailwasher.

click here

  DIYgirl 09:32 13 Mar 2006

OE automatically sends and receives when it opens. Just in case it didn't, I clicked on it and the message still didn't appear.

I've used Mailwasher for a few years now, and have only just had this problem (this is a new download on a new machine). Any ideas?

  rawprawn 09:40 13 Mar 2006

Uninstall and then Reinstall and reconfigure the accounts. Have you got the free multi account version?

  961 09:41 13 Mar 2006

I'm not sure if you are using a free version or the full version. However, ensure that, by error, the Mailwasher has not added your friend's address to your blacklist. This sometimes does happen for no reason that I can fathom. Add your friend's address to your friends list. Until the thing settles down if you have this sort of problem read the e-mail in the preview pane

If an e-mail gets deleted by error it can be recalled (in the full version anyway) by going to the statistics list where you will be given a list of e-mails deleted. Any of these will be restored by the programme on request and sent to your e-mail box so long as you have not deleted the monthly report that the programmes compiles for you

  Taff™ 09:42 13 Mar 2006

In OE check that the "Include this account in send/receive" is ticked

  DIYgirl 16:07 14 Mar 2006

I was using the free multi-user version, from a link which was provided to me on this board in a message I left a few days ago.

My friend's message was clearly marked as coming from a friend, and her email address was not in the blacklist--I checked.

I only have one email address with OE at present, and when I didn't run Mailwasher all worked fine.

Now I have a new problem: when I use Mailwasher, OE opens as it should but doesn't receive any mail: it sends any outstanding messages without a hitch, tells me how many messages it is downloading... and freezes. I will sometimes get a dialogue box asking for my user name and password: when I click OK there, again, nothing happens, and the same dialogue box reappears a little bit later.

All seems OK if I don't use Mailwasher, apart from a few messages which I have approved in Mailwasher not appearing in OE for some hours after (I can't see any pattern to this--some do, some don't).

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Mailwasher (even re-downloaded it, just in case) and still have the same problem. This is a very new computer--only about a month old--and according to Avast it is virus-free, so I really don't know what's going on. Any suggestions?

  remind 16:21 14 Mar 2006

Leave a minute or more between checking your email with mailwasher and loading Outlook Express - perhaps the mail server is objecting to being checked too often in a given time.

  bellababy 16:23 14 Mar 2006

I used MailWasher the full version for years, but now use ePrompter as €dstowe advises, it's simpler and does the same job without all the bells and whistles of MailWasher, it can be left to run in the background while you work, and will notify you when mail arrives, try it.

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