Mailwasher pro Problem with Outlook

  ronc 16:42 08 Apr 2004

I am running mailwasher pro to try and control the amount of SPAM I am receiving. My problem is that the Emails are going from the Web server directly into Outlook even when Outlook is not open, so Mail washer pro is not intercepting the E Mails. I am running Windows XP professional as my operating system.

Can anybody please tell me how I can make all E Mails go into Mailwasher Pro before loading into Outlook. Much appreciate any help. Thanks.

  Nosmas 18:05 08 Apr 2004

Don't know about MailWasher Pro - I only have the original 'freebie' MailWasher, but I suspect they both work in a similar way.

Emails do not 'go into' MailWasher. When you run MW it connects to your ISP's server and will enable you to view details of your mail on the server waiting to be downloaded onto your PC. (If you wish you can actually read the contents of the mail whilst it is still on the server.) If you don't want to download a particular email you click the box against it (i.e. 'select' it) in the 'Delete' column which will put a tick in that box. Having selected those emails that you do not want to download, you then click the 'Process Mail' button near the top of the screen and all the 'selected' emails will then be deleted ON THE SERVER. They will disappear from your screen and your screen will then show only those that you wish to download. At the same time your mail program (e.g. Outlook Express) will be launched, and clicking the Send/Receive button will download the mails that you left UNSELECTED on the server.

Hope this helps.

  VoG II 18:07 08 Apr 2004

You need to set Mailwasher up to look at your account on the server click here

  ronc 20:03 08 Apr 2004

Thanks for the quick response I have checked the setup and all is OK my ISP ( Blueyonder Broadband ) seems to download my e mail directly to Outlook automatically. Is it supposed to do this ??

  ronc 12:36 12 Apr 2004

Thanks for your help. I have dismissed Mail Washer Pro and installed the FREE Spam Bayes this is managing all the spam dross and doing an excellent job. Again many thanks. Regards.Ron. C.

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