Mailwasher Pro

  lintony 12:38 30 Oct 2004

I have recently started to have problems with my Mailwasher Pro. After I have checked my e-mails using the programme and then click on the Process Mail button, it downloads all my messages to my inbox, but the messages all remain on Mailwasher and I have to go back into Mailwasher and then delete all the messages.

Can anyone advise please?

  beeuuem 13:17 30 Oct 2004

Normally the mail you have downloaded to OE will still show in Mailwasher until the next time it checks your accounts. Mailwasher will then show new mail and remove those that you have already downloaded.

  g0slp 13:20 30 Oct 2004

When you say check the messages & then press the Process Mail button, does it delete those which you've selected for deletion, then seems to keep the ones it's downloaded to your Inbox?

If so, those messages will disappear from Mailwasher next time it checks for new mail.

(I have mine set to check for new mail every 3 mins)

  g0slp 13:21 30 Oct 2004

You must have been posting whilst I was tryping!

  lintony 13:24 30 Oct 2004

Thanks guys.

  beeuuem 13:25 30 Oct 2004

I obviously tryp faster than you :-))

  g0slp 13:27 30 Oct 2004

Glad to help, lintony.

I bow to superior trype, beeuuem :-))

All the best, folks.


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