Mailwasher & ntl

  tes 12:41 19 Dec 2003

In the last two days I have been having trouble getting Emails via mailwasher.I get"pop3 server does not support APOP authentication" but I have no trouble if I go straight to Outlook Expreess.Does any one know why? I have been using mailwasher for months with no probs.

  Phil49 13:30 19 Dec 2003

I'm not quite sure what that error message means, tes, but I run Mailwasher Pro and have an account with ntlworld. I have found that ntl's POP3 server is a tad slow at times and I get a message to say thet the server does not appear to conform to the POP3 protocol (although it clearly does). My PlusNet account is usually OK and does not time out. I can only suggest trying Mailwasher with an alternative ISP (if you have an account with one) or giving ntl a kick up the **** if you can afford to spend an hour on their 50p/min helpline.

  tes 17:30 21 Dec 2003


  Jester2K 17:35 21 Dec 2003

Tools, Accounts, Highlight the Account, Properties, Incoming Mail Tab, Advanced POP Configuration, Uncheck Use Secure Authentication.

This is from an old beta version but should be simalalr to your version.

it sounds like APOP (Advanced POP Authentication is ON and NTL doesn't require / like it) Well Telewest Blueyonder doesn't when i turn it on - it gives the same message.

  tes 17:53 21 Dec 2003

Thanks jester but I can't find "use secure authentication" on ntl

  Jester2K 17:56 21 Dec 2003

Do you mean there is no box called "Use Secure Authentication" to check / uncheck or its there and not ticked?

Do you have a "Advanced POP Configuration" button? Whats on the screen that appears after you click that?

  tes 18:04 21 Dec 2003

yes there is no box & no I don't have Advanced POP confiuration

  Jester2K 18:55 21 Dec 2003

You are looking in Mailwasher?

  Jester2K 18:56 21 Dec 2003

Look at this page click here

Third screen shot down

  Jester2K 18:59 21 Dec 2003

Also second screen down on this page click here

Button is bottom right of the screen

  tes 14:44 22 Dec 2003

Thanks again Phil49 & Jester2K You was right Jester Authentication was on, I was looking in OE & not mailwasher tools.All is ok now. Merry Xmass to you both.

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