Mailwasher & ntl

  tes 12:41 19 Dec 2003

In the last two days I have been having trouble getting Emails via mailwasher.I get"pop3 server does not support APOP authentication" but I have no trouble if I go straight to Outlook Expreess.Does any one know why? I have been using mailwasher for months with no probs.

  tes 17:30 21 Dec 2003


  tes 17:53 21 Dec 2003

Thanks jester but I can't find "use secure authentication" on ntl

  tes 18:04 21 Dec 2003

yes there is no box & no I don't have Advanced POP confiuration

  tes 14:44 22 Dec 2003

Thanks again Phil49 & Jester2K You was right Jester Authentication was on, I was looking in OE & not mailwasher tools.All is ok now. Merry Xmass to you both.

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