Mailwasher not working?

  geedad 12:20 08 Aug 2007

Anyone using Mailwasher? It was working for me, but it has now decided not to work!

  beeuuem 12:26 08 Aug 2007

Quite few use Mailwasher, including me. What is the problem exactly?

  geedad 12:46 08 Aug 2007

Not telling me that my emails have been read. If you ask how I know, I have sent myself emails, to no avail.
I am now trying another program, But I DID like Mailwasher, and if I could fins a solution, I will re-install it.
Thanks for your response.

  beeuuem 13:00 08 Aug 2007

The only way that I can think of that Mailwasher would continue to display mail is if copies of the mail is left on the server.

Normally when you download a mail; to Outlook Express, for example; the mail is removed from the server.
If the mail is left on the server Mailwasher will download all the mail the next time you check as it has no way of knowing that you have read it.

To change the way messages are removed from the server look in Outlook Express > Tools > Accounts > Properties > Advanced and see if the box to keep messages on the server is ticked.

  geedad 14:10 08 Aug 2007

I will have another look at that some time.
Meanwhile, I am testing ePrompter, which does the same thing.

  beeuuem 15:22 08 Aug 2007

Let us know how you get on.

  geedad 21:26 08 Aug 2007


Thanks a lot for your help. It now works!

  beeuuem 22:06 08 Aug 2007

I surprise myself - yet again!

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