Mailwasher and incredimail help please

  golfpro 13:25 12 Mar 2004

My Mailwasher under options>select mail client,(to automaticly open after checking mail) always try's to open in Incredimail, When I select Internet Explorer from the box it always goes back to I/M the next time I check my mail. I deleted I/M some time ago, but have found a couple of folders still in Explore which when I try to delete them I get the message "cannot delete Access denied" is there anyway I can get rid of these, and how do I get Mailwasher to open mail in I/E.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:30 12 Mar 2004

Do you mean "O E" - outlook Express? If so, it will need to be set as the defualt mailer for the system.

  golfpro 14:13 12 Mar 2004

Sorry, yes I mean Outlook exspress, and it is my default email program.

  GaT7 15:36 12 Mar 2004

As you've uninstalled/deleted I/M some time ago, even doing a system restore (if you're on WinXP) may not be possible, OR is it?

If there are any I/M programs loading during Startup disable/delete them, reboot & then try to delete the folders. Are you familiar with the Registry? You may have to dig in there & manually delete any remaining I/M entries. I can help you with this to some extent if you require.

NOTE: I/M isn't that 'incredible' apparently, if these horror stories can be believed - click here . And that's only the first page! Just look at the subsequent reviews - they're appalling. The site shows a 96% 'thumbs-up' for the program. Definitely wrong, as looking closer it's more like the reverse - 96% do NOT recommend it.

  StanH 15:54 12 Mar 2004

Golfpro, Instead of Tools/Options , try Tools/Accounts

  Smiler 16:24 12 Mar 2004

Have a look here click here

it's what the page looks like if you click on positive replies only. You were look ing at the page of negative replies only

Ther are a total of 2454 reviews 2314 positive and 140 negative.

I go with the positive vote.

  GaT7 17:31 12 Mar 2004

Thanks for that - you're right! Where's my head at ; )

How are things, golfpro?

Anyone had problems removing Incredimail? Your help would be appreciated.

  golfpro 20:24 12 Mar 2004

Got the Mail washer program running OK, my own fault, when I changed the options I forgot to click the "OK" tab on both boxes instead of clicking "cancel" to exit as I did, its OK now. But I still want to get rid of all the I/M folders in my registry and need to know how.
I used Incredimail twice, both times I had bad experiences with it, (don't ask me what, it would take too long but I never want to see it again). So if its not too dangerous please tell me how.

  mbp 21:52 12 Mar 2004

There are some programs that entrench themselves on to your HD like leeches. A safe program that I have used to eleiminate such programs safely is Registry First Adi. It is a program worth having if you plan to use the computer for a few years to come.

  TommyRed 21:57 12 Mar 2004

I also had some bad experience with IncrediMail, so have other people click here . I had to use a program called IncrediConvert click here to get my e-mails back from them into OE. HTH TR

  mbp 21:57 12 Mar 2004

I have not yet found a way to edit my postings here. eleiminate=eliminate & Registry First Adi=Registry First Aid.

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