Mailwasher blacklist

  Andsome 10:15 28 Aug 2003

I have been using Mailwasher only since the 30th June. There are already 1246 addresses in the blacklist. Is anyone aware if there is a maximum number of such addresses that the program can store? It is likely that many of you will have an even larger number than mine, it would be interesting to see the largest claimed number.

  Andsome 09:02 29 Aug 2003


  Switcher 09:07 29 Aug 2003

Using Mailwasher 2 since April - Have 98 on blacklist

  -pops- 09:14 29 Aug 2003

1. Have you asked the powers that be at Mailwasher this question?

2. Many of the addresses you will have in the blacklist will be from unreal spam addresses and the chances of any more coming from sdi9dfgld;pfgo @ will be slim. You may as well remove these and similar. I tend not to tick the blacklist in emails where I can see it very unlikely that they will write again.

3. I've just checked my blacklist and all of them fit into category 2 above. I've cleared the list. So, I can claim to have the smallest Mailwasher blacklist;-))

  Gaz 25 17:13 29 Aug 2003


  Andsome 19:10 29 Aug 2003

Hi and thanks for the reply. In fact about half of my spam each day is from already blacklisted addresses. I read once that it only needs about half of one per cent of people spammed to reply, for the spammers to make money out of their dubious products.

Gaz 25, thanks, I shall have to get a bigger computer if this blacklist folder gets any bigger

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