mailwasher advice please

  ray27 08:21 24 Jul 2004

I am using Mailwasher to filter all the spam I get
The problem I am having is with mail that has nothing in the “subject” line or “from” line.

When you try to tick the box to add these to the blacklist a box informs you that it cannot but you can add them by using tools/filters.

I have tried this using all the options but I still cannot add anything that has a blank subject or from field to the black list can anyone tell me how to do this?

Many thanks for any advice

  beeuuem 12:37 24 Jul 2004

I am not 100% sure if this will work. I am using MailWasher Pro.
In the filters option add a wildcard ie If the from field does not contain * (shift+8)mark for deletion.
Similarly, if the Subject field does not contain * mark for deletion.

  muscic lover 13:03 24 Jul 2004

I get the same, but, just mark it for saves hastle.

A question for all others......Would you ever answer an advert from a company that uses SPAM???

  €dstowe 13:13 24 Jul 2004

To answer your second question - most decidedly NO but, I wonder if anyone here has bought anything via a spam email. May be an interesting topic for Speakers Corner. Someone must respond to them otherwise they wouldn't bother.

  March Hare 15:07 24 Jul 2004

Mails with nothing in the 'to' line can be rejected in Mailwasher by setting up a filter which will reject ANY mail not bearing your address in the 'to' line.

I noticed recently that most of the spam I receive doesn't have my address in the 'to' line. I found that with a bit of experimentation I could set the Mailwasher filters to only display mails which had one of my several addresses in the 'to' line. The unwanted mails are hidden and then deleted when I click the 'Process Mail' button.

I couldn't understand why I was receiving emails which weren't addressed to me. The answer is, apparently, that this can happen if the sender uses the BCC facility as spammers often do. Rejecting such mails means of course that you might miss 'Round Robins', but my attitude is that if a sender can't be bothered to address a mail to me individually, I'm not interested in anything he has to say!

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