Mailwasher Account Set-up

  SURVEY 15:54 25 Apr 2006

Can anyone help me please. I have installed Mailwasher (free edition) and am trying to operate it but when I click on 'Check Mail' a message comes up saying 'No such host. Ensure that the POP3 server is correct'. I am on Wanadoo broadband and the account set up I retrieved was from Outlook Express/Tools/Accounts that shows the default mail client as and under 'Properties/Servers shows the incoming POP3 server as What can be wrong??

  GaT7 15:56 25 Apr 2006

You usually have to enter the necessary email account password(s) in MW manually. G

  SURVEY 15:58 25 Apr 2006

Crossbow7. I have entered the password manually. I have also tried the Import function as suggested on a a search of this forum, yet I still get the error message!

  GaT7 16:02 25 Apr 2006

Use the import function first, then open MW & enter the password manually. G

PS - BTW, If you have more than one email address, this is the last free multi-email MW version (2beta28) click here.

  SURVEY 16:18 25 Apr 2006

Crossbow7. I think that what might have happened was when I first asked Mailwasher to check Mail, my firewall may have asked if I wanted to block or allow. I reckon that I may have clicked 'block', hence it refused to allow recognition of the host. Whether this was the cause or not, I uninstalled all and downloaded the (2bets28) version you kindly provided the link for. This time when asked whether to block or allow the connection, I did allow it and all seems to be working OK now.

Thank you for yuor help. Once again the forum comes to the rescue.

  SURVEY 17:18 25 Apr 2006

Crossbow7. Just a thought. With the 5.1 version one could import directly the Email Address Book into the 'Friends' section/filter. With the 2.8 version there seems not to be a way of doing this unless one can export the address book manually as a text file, which is a bit long winded!

  GaT7 17:38 25 Apr 2006

Yes SURVEY, the newer versions have features the older ones lack, but I like & use the 2beta28 because it's free & handles more than one account : )) (If you're willing to pay, the Pro version is available for around £20).

There are similar free programs with unlimited email accounts, like PopTray click here, ePrompter (16 accounts) click here, PopPeeper click here & Email Remover click here. G

  SURVEY 17:44 25 Apr 2006

As the import of the email addresses is such a pain with the 2.8 version of MW I re-installed the 5.1 version and indeed it failed as per my first posting, despite having made certain that the Email Account details were input exactly as the successful 2.8 version. I have come to the conclusion that the problem may be that I have two mail accounts although only one email address. I need the two accounts as one is set up for pay as you go dial up and one for Anytime or Broadband contract. MW just does not seem to accept the identical POP3 server detail, user name etc with version 5.1 as it does in the 2.8 version.

If I cannot resolve the problem, I may therefore have to give up with MW. Is there another free comparable Anti-Spam program that will deal with Spam at download and is known to work with Norton Antispam without conflict?

  GaT7 18:36 25 Apr 2006

You must realise MW v5.1 is for ONE email account only, so what you're trying with it will fail. The old beta version will work with >1 account as it is meant to.

You can give the other similar free programs I mentioned a go to see if they are good enough.

"I need the two accounts as one is set up for pay as you go dial up and one for Anytime or Broadband contract." - sorry, I don't understand. Did you know that you can setup BOTH email addresses to work with your Broadband provider only? This way you don't need to bother with PAYG/Anytime dialup or pay for either again (except when BB fails for some reason - this is what I do). G

  SURVEY 09:34 26 Apr 2006

Crossbow7. Sorry I had misunderstood you. When you mentioned more than one account I asssumed you meant more than one email address, not having more than one mail account setup. My additional accounts have come from keeping a dial-up pay as you go account and an Anytime account listed under mail accounts, even though only one is listed as 'default'.

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