hoverman 06:26 13 Mar 2003

I have just received an email from Nick Bolton regarding Mailwasher Pro. This will be available free to those customers who have made a donation in the past. The old free version will still be available but will not be developed any further and is limited in various ways.

  hoverman 06:56 13 Mar 2003

Mailwasher Pro is available for purchase at click here

  hoverman 10:18 13 Mar 2003


  Tazfan 13:59 13 Mar 2003

I to had the email and have taken avantage of the free version of Mailwasher Pro. If I did have to buy it, I would. It is that good.

Thank you Nick Bolton

  ribo 14:43 13 Mar 2003

I agree with Tazfan. It is an excellent programme. J

  lemon2 14:52 13 Mar 2003

I also agree Mailwasher is an excellent program. Although I've not received the email about Pro yet. I would certainly without a doubt buy Mailwasher Pro - it's the best spamkiller/email previewer I've come across to date.

  whisked 19:17 13 Mar 2003

Can anyone advise on what the Pro version offers that the free one doesn't?

  whisked 19:20 13 Mar 2003

Can i also chip in with my tuppences worths on their claim that their bouncing facility gets you off spammers lists, all i can say is i certainly dont find that! It keeps viruses at bay though. :)

  blanco 19:36 13 Mar 2003

Just downloaded, installed and completed the free registration for existing customers.

Great piece of software. It will never stop spam because the addresses are changing all the time but it does get rid of some automatically and allows easy bouncing of the others as they come.

Not yet sure what all the improvements are but the new layout looks good with an easy way to put your address book details in to clear the way for friends' mail.

  hoverman 19:42 13 Mar 2003

I haven't bothered to work out what extras the Pro version offers over the previous one since I got it for free - having made a donation last year. I agree with your remarks regarding keeping viruses at bay. Mailwasher has warned me twice in the past about a virus in an email attachment. Although I do have anti-virus software installed, doing this without downloading the email is a real bonus as far as I am concerned.

  AdeJ 20:13 13 Mar 2003

Essentially it seems to be the same engine (sure there have been some tweaks here and there) but the interface is completely different.

The window is now split into three: Top left you have the same email list window that is in the free version except alternate lines are shaded for easier reading of a long list; below that you have a preview pain of whichever email is highlighted; and on the right you have a contacts list similar to OE although this one covers Friends, Blacklist and Filters - overall much sharper.

As was said above - I would have bought this anyway if I hadn't got it for free - the only frustration is that the amount of spam doesn't seem to be going down any - but then it's not going up either!

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