mailwasher 2.0 guidance please

  end 08:06 13 Jul 2004

please refer to this thread first to see the "original arguments"

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; having switched TO 2.0 version yesterday, as suggested by forum memebers, I am still dealing with the issue OF having to , presumably, "download" the meaasges OFF the server which is "get-at-able" through this web page

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??DO I HAVE to take the messasges into OE in order for the Washer TO " do its job" properly; and...unlike the OTHER verion,,THIS one does not seem to automatically create a spam/blacklist , or " recognise," automaticvally , the spam addresses....... it has taken me several MONTHS to get this far of actually HAVING a mailwasher thing ON here.....................

IS it going to do what I need it TO do; seemingly NOT unless I get OE to " pick it up off the server"................. I not yet doing it the correct way??????

  end 13:09 13 Jul 2004

unless I am doing something " not right"...having "experimented " with the program, it SEEMS that each time I log on and newly open the program, it checks the mail but does not " recognise" the "friends" entries, but waits until I have ticked the "friends" column .

I have now " developed" a "friends" list and a " blacklist" , but???is the thing supposed to automatically PUT ticks in the boxes as it reads the mail on the server or.....?????;

HOWEVER...I HAVE found that this one WILL delete stuff from the server, which IS "useful" so I do not have to drag it to OE to " deal with it"

any ideas from the floor please......

???am I doing it wrong,oorrrr.......

  VoG II 18:27 13 Jul 2004

To get it to automatically tick messages, go to Tools/OPttions and make sure that Heuristic Strength is set to Careful. Normally, it won't tick messages from your friends, only spam, for which it will normally put a tick in the Delete and Blacklist boxes.

I would leave it set-up as it is for a while until you are confident that it is not marking "real" mail as spam. You can then go to Tools/Options and change the Heuristic strength to Strong.

  end 18:40 13 Jul 2004

at present it IS "set" TO "careful" strengh, adn is "self-ticking" NOTHING...I am having to do all THAT MANUALLY.....

so...???do I have to continue TO " tick it off" fo the time being or........

at lest THIS version seems to get rid of the spam from my server WITHOUT my having to open OE and shift the stuff.......

BUT...will it also "ping" when messages enter my "sent" folder?? which is what SEEMS to b happening........

  VoG II 18:45 13 Jul 2004

It will only tick spam if it is pretty certain that it is spam.

It shouldn't "ping" when you esnd mail. However, this might be a coincidence - it might be detecting new messages when you do a Send/Receive. In Options, how frequently have you set it to check your mail?

By the way, it is well known that Lead is associated with IQ deficiency.

  end 18:52 13 Jul 2004

mail check(!!!) every minute at present...(will "envelope" re another comment..)

ADN,,IN THE CASE OF "TICKING OFF", i SUPPOSE THE MORE SPAM i get .........(sorry ,caps left on!!)the more it will learn...(NO floods OF spam PLEAE!!!!!!)

  end 19:16 13 Jul 2004

very ODD....having commented that I now HAVE a friends and a spam list iN mailwasher...went to check it jsut now and is empty...... is something playing silly-sods with my programme or WHAT????

or..hav I managed to look in th wrong place....MOST annoying!!!!!!!!!!!just when I THOUGHT I MIGHT be "getting to grips" WITH the thing, TOO!!!!!!

  VoG II 19:19 13 Jul 2004

Tools/Blacklist and Friends list <- they should be listed there.

  end 20:56 13 Jul 2004

at this point in time, the list is there; BUT...will see what happens when I "power-down" and switch off for awhile while I do some work on my lap-top, then reopen this thing......??is it supposed TO still BE there or.....????( adn lap-top is NOT internet enabled so......)

will "report back" ..........

  end 22:15 13 Jul 2004

having restarted the system from "cold" the list appears to still be there, and the thing THIS time SEEMS to have done its own "ticking off" as it loaded the e mails....but will se what happens at the next attempt.....could just be a fluke......

  VoG II 22:32 13 Jul 2004

Looking forward to an update :o( not

It will wotk, give it time. In the meantime take advantage of the offers to increase your dimensions!

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