MailMege from excel to Publisher

  jaraba 22:53 12 Jan 2010

I have sent up this mail merge but when I set it to use a date in the excel list it puts it in in the american format,, although the date in excel is european format.
The computer is also set for european format, day.month.year.

How can I get Publisher to put the date in the european format??

  Woolwell 00:27 13 Jan 2010

If it is any consolation it happens when I try that. It's too late tonight to work out why though. I'll have a look tomorrow but initial impressions are that you may be stuck as it may be to do with the way Excel stores the data. VOG will know.

  Woolwell 10:31 13 Jan 2010

Which version of MS Pub?
In Pub 2007 when you insert the merge fields and hover your cursor overa little envelope with a drop down arrow appears above the field. With the date field you can format it to UK.

  Woolwell 10:32 13 Jan 2010

Something went wrong with that. Should read "and hover your cursor over the merge field a little envelope ...".

  jaraba 12:12 13 Jan 2010

using Pub 2003 & excel 2003 with xp

  Woolwell 12:51 13 Jan 2010

Does that work with Pub 2003?

  jaraba 14:30 13 Jan 2010

No. Only thing is a drop down arrow beside the field which says "insert as text" or "insert as picture" and the text version inserts as american format.

  Woolwell 15:04 13 Jan 2010

Sorry but I don't have Publisher 2003 available on any system at home now.
Is there any sort of auto correct type box by the merged field in the document?
A work round is probably to change the Excel cells to be text rather than date. This does mean that you would have to update the cells in the right format.

  jaraba 15:05 13 Jan 2010

tried that still the same.

  Woolwell 15:39 13 Jan 2010

If you save your Excel file as a csv file and then use that as mail merge (using comma as separator when asked) then it should work.

  jaraba 17:36 13 Jan 2010

Thanks but as i am continually updating the excel file it would mean continually keeping two versions and knowing me I would keep forgeting to update the csv file.
will try that anyway.

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