Mailing list problem

  slightlymad 15:51 16 Nov 2008

I've installed a join-our-mailing-list thingy for click here. The script was provided by the hosting company, Heart Internet, and was straightforward to set up. Visitors are subscribing already, and I've tested in in IE6 and 7 and Firefox and can see no problem.

The owner, however, says the "submit" button doesn't work for her. She says her pointer remains an I-beam and nothing happens when she clicks. I've asked her what version of IE she's using but she says that the 'help' menu (which will tell her) isn't there. Of course it's there, she's just not looking properly, but I can't tell her that.

Can anyone see anything amiss? If you submit your email address as [email protected] followed by anything you like, I'll delete it from the database.

Many thanks.

  Forum Editor 16:45 16 Nov 2008

and working perfectly in Google Chrome and IE8 beta.

  slightlymad 16:50 16 Nov 2008


  MAJ 17:34 16 Nov 2008

You'll have problems sending a newsletter to some of the 'addresses' entered. So long as something is entered in the same format as an email address, anything can be entered. I'm guessing the owner is going to get some weird, wonderful and descriptive subscriber addresses. There are some sick people out there.

  Eric10 21:17 16 Nov 2008

The owner is probably using IE7 because the menu bar isn't shown by default in that browser (therefore the Help option isn't visible). If she right-clicks on the grey area at the top of her browser she should be able to click 'Menu Bar' on the resulting menu to show it.

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