Mailgate and mailwasher

  JoJoh 11:52 09 Feb 2004

Hi - I am running mailgate as my mail server to 10 workstations. I need to filter the mail so that we stop getting [email protected] emails as these are tending to be containing virus's. I have installed mailwasher however I cannot configure it so that it stops certain mail coming in through mailgate. It appears as if mail goes straight to my mailgate postmaster account even if mailwasher is set to delete certain types of mail.

Mailgate does have a mail extension module but thos cost is £65.00 and I want to avoid paying this if possible. Mailwasher suggests stopping your mail account from looking for new mail however it is mailgate that brings it in so I presume that this will not have the desired effect. I cannot stop mailgate from being connected to my pop server as it will not then bring in my mail.

I am running Win98SE

  Jester2K 12:57 09 Feb 2004

Mailwasher is used to delete messages from the server before you download them.

Now your problems might be down to timing. If Mailwasher hasn't checked and deleted the messages before Mailgate goes to grab them then you'll still get the spam etc...

The mail still goes straight to your POP account but Mailwasher is designed to to allow you to peek inside and see whats there and delete any unwanted stuff.

Also Mailwasher only checks at certain intervals as set by the user.

Reading what you say above i don't think Mailwasher is the tool for you. Its really designed to wash individual mail accounts rather than mail servers.

  Jester2K 12:59 09 Feb 2004

I think the key bit you need to understand is that Mailwasher doesn't sit between you mail server and the Internet filtering content, its just for looking at a POP mail box prior to download. The only time it cleans the mail box is when you tell it to.

  JoJoh 13:10 09 Feb 2004

Hi - Yes I realise that this is the problem. Mailgate is on permanently and is grabbing the mail before Mailwasher has a chance to filter unwanted mail etc. I thought that there may be a way of letting mailwasher only look after the mailbox and for it to send the messages on to Mailgate.

Thanks anyway.

  Jester2K 13:12 09 Feb 2004

No sorry. It doesn't work that way.

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