golfpro 13:27 30 Jan 2004

Over the last three days when I check my mail, I have been getting on my mailwasher program up to six or seven messages from MailerDaemon saying that mail has not been sent and other messages, although I have not sent any mail in this time. It started off with two or three inserts and has now got to about seven or eight. up to now I have just deleted them. Is anyone else getting this, and how can I stop it.

  johnnyrocker 13:33 30 Jan 2004

have the messages got a spoofed adress ie similar to yours? if so click here and run on line virus checker and if found follow deletion instructions, it sounds like you have the latest doom virus.


  golfpro 13:52 30 Jan 2004

They seem to be all the same. I have just got another one since I posted this thread. "[email protected]*** with a .com address message was "see transcript for details" I ran a full virus check with Norton yesterday and it was clean. But I have not opened any of these emails.

  DIYgirl 13:56 30 Jan 2004

The same thing has just happened to me. Three this morning, four more just now. I'll run the online virus checker, although I updated and ran Norton today between the two batches of emails arriving and it found nothign.

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