'[email protected]'

  Kingfisher 22:10 19 Jan 2012

Good evening,Apolgies for shouting in the title, it was a copy and paste. Can anyone advise me I am getting dozens of above message send failures from recepients that I have neither heard of or no anything about. They are being returned from my bt yahoo email account. All ther emails that I send to known recepients all deliver ok, it sems that my email address has somehow been hacked. I can keep deleting them and tonight have added all [email protected] to blocked senders list to see if this works.Any advise would be appreciated. Os windows Vista fully updated

  Woolwell 22:32 19 Jan 2012

A spammer is probably spoofing your e-mail address (it looks as if it from you but isn't) and sending spam to random e-mail addresses. Many of these do not exist and are bouncing back to you (mailer-daemon). This should die down in due course. Precautions to take are a full virus and malware check to make sure that your system is clean, and change your e-mail password. If it persists for some time then you may have to change your e-mail address.

  Kingfisher 20:31 20 Jan 2012

hi woolwell sorry for late reply.just to say thanks for you response will do as you suggested

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