Mailer Daemon: Unknown sender

  CurlyWhirly 11:25 06 Aug 2004

I have just logged on to my e-mail account and found that I had 5 mysterious entries namely 'Mailer Daemon: Unknown sender'.
Would this have anything to do with some internet worm spoofing my e-mail address as I don't recall sending ANY e-mails to Mailer Daemon?

I didn't open them as I thought it better not to so I just deleted them and also run a virusscan on my hard drive but NOTHING was found.
Am I okay then?

  Graham ® 11:44 06 Aug 2004

Mailer Daemon is the legitimate returner of undeliverable emails.

  CurlyWhirly 18:22 06 Aug 2004


I didn't know that about Mailer Daemon!
I can't see what they were about now as I deleted them and then permanently deleted them to be on the safe side!
I wasn't sure you see as there is so much talk about internet worms 'spoofing' your e-mail address and I didn't think it worth taking the risk by opening them to satisfy my curiosity!

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