Mail2web free; possible recover deleted?

  polymath 21:55 15 Jun 2017

I’ve used the free version of mail2web for over 10 years, mainly for using my POP3 address while away from home. Recently, I was using mail2web from my phone to delete some redundant emails from the server, and next time I logged in I had no emails - I must have touched Delete All instead of the adjacent Delete Selected - rather easy to do on a little screen! (Emails since the incident have arrived there as normal).

I gather some webmail services have a Deleted/Trash folder, from which emails are recoverable for a period. I can’t see one on mail2web now, but thought I could remember seeing one in the past - am I imagining it?

Why am I asking here instead of just consulting mail2web? Because most of the links on the mail2web site, including the Help one, aren’t working for me (I just get a 404 file not found error). I can read my emails, send, reply and forward, but can’t access any other pages on the site (it’s the first time I can remember trying to, so I don’t know when that problem started). And for all I know, there might be a Deleted folder that the same problem’s preventing me from seeing.

I’ve tried posting the query on the mail2web Facebook page, then noticed a post there directing me to their new FB page (under Ingram Micro Cloud), went there and posted there as well. No response, till I spotted a message on Messenger from IMC, saying ‘Got a question? Ask us directly’ (which I replied to with my problem, but no response).

Web searches haven’t worked, as the answers all seem to simply point to pages on mail2web’s site, so the links don’t work for me.

The phone’s my only internet access (computers awaiting attention), but I managed to find a public computer today; exactly the same problems there (via Internet Explorer I think) as through my Android phone (whether using Chrome or Firefox).

  Secret-Squirrel 09:25 16 Jun 2017

Mail2Web acts as proxy between you and your mail provider's servers. Your emails are not stored on their servers.

Unfortunately, if Mail2Web can't see your messages then they may be gone forever. However, all may not be lost. Virtually all email providers have their own webmail so log into that instead and see if you can find your messages or see if there's an option to recover/undelete them.

  polymath 12:11 18 Jun 2017

Thanks Secret-Squirrel. (You’re obviously thinking straighter than I was!).

I parted company from the ISP in question about 12 years ago, but found I could still access their webmail. No joy there (but it was worth a try!). Inbox shows the same recent emails as via mail2web; nothing in Trash, no Sent items (but most of the important older ones were downloaded to my computer, having told mail2web to send me a copy). About as many from the last 2 weeks in Junk as in the Inbox. Very little spam/malware has been getting through in recent years, but the ISP’s filter did a false positive (from LinkedIn), so I’ll check that Junk folder every so often!

I’ve got off lightly compared with some; I’ve only been leaving emails on the server as a temporary measure (for less than a year), and am not running a business/working for one. Only about 200 messages lost, some of which I’d printed out (and at least half of which were newsletters I’ve unsubscribed to as part of the decluttering exercise I was having!).

I’m even more confused now about mail2web, having read some forum topic from years ago saying they’d stopped providing their free service. (Still no response from them, anyway).

I’ve been using Gmail as well recently, but most of my contacts (since 2001) still use the POP one, so I’m looking for another webmail service (and must trim my fingernails more often!).

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