Mail won’t come in.

  jack 19:35 22 Sep 2004

When I went onto my E-mail account on Monday the out going mail went out as usual
But in coming mail, although showing sign of activity, would not download.
I check through my web mail account to reveal that there were indeed a number of mails there.
I tried again, but the in box timed out after 300 seconds.
I penned an E-mail to ISP support to ask what was happening, and send it.
As that mail went out so 18 mails came tumbling in.

To day Wednesday the same thing, Mails out nothing in, box showing sign of activity but times out after 300 seconds, Check box via web, mails awaiting to come in.
Go on line again, box times out after 300 seconds. Twice.
Go to Tools/Accounts/ delete the account and reset it. – No joy.
I have a trial version of Panda antivirus running
Disable it – just in case.
No joy still no mail.

Next move please?

  alnwrd 19:48 22 Sep 2004

if you're running xp service pack1 try upgarding to service pack2. This move sorted out similar problems for me.

  jack 19:57 22 Sep 2004

Ah -service pack 2 - I wondered if it was causing it.
But no its been in two weeks now and this is just happening
Thank you for that suggestion

  PSF 20:08 22 Sep 2004

I have had this a few times, e-mail stops half way through downloading messages. If I find that I use the web mail and delete the e-mail it stops on.

If your first e-mail is suspect it will stop all the others downloading.

On the web mail delete any of the e-mails you do not want or are spam and then try again.

  jack 20:26 22 Sep 2004

Like everything else in this confutering lark there is always 500 answers to 1 question.

what could possibly be stoppng the mails comming in ?

Well it turns out to be the cure.

I turnedOFF the MS/XP/SP2 Firewall
and 312 Mail came in.
Now I suppose I had better put Zone Alarm back.

  jack 20:28 22 Sep 2004

That shoulsd read 32 mails came in I ain't that popular

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