mail sent Cc or Bcc doesn't arrive

  palinka 22:10 25 May 2006

I am secretary to a group and often use Cc or Bcc to send emails. I've discovered that one member does not receive emails sent to him if they are sent Cc or Bcc. This applies even if he is the only name in those lines. He receives them if his address is in the To line even if another address is there as well.
This started quite recently - as far as I know there used to be no problem.
He uses Tiscali (dial-up) but so do several others in the same group and they don't have this problem.
Can anyone shed any light, please? Has he ticked something, and if so, what?

  kinger 22:46 25 May 2006

You could always send this person their email separately.

Anyway, what software is being used, Outlook, Eudora, web based?

  harristweed 23:12 25 May 2006

Does he receive cc and bcc email from any other source?

Do others you send Cc and Bcc too, receive them?

What mail software are you using?

What mail software does he use?

What has changed recently?

Are you sending on a LAN or over the internet?

Is he not receiving them on purpose?

  palinka 09:41 26 May 2006

Thanks harristweed. I don't know if he receives from other sources - I'll check on that.
Yes, as far as I know everyone else I send Cc and Bcc to do receive them.
We both use OE and yes, it's over the internet
What has changed recently? That's the puzzle; nothing as far as i know; that's why I wondered if there was something he might have ticked by accident.
Is he not receiving them on purpose? If he were that savvy I wouldn't need to spend so much time sorting out his computer problems! No, that's not it.
Yes, I could send it separately, kinger; it's just a minor nuisance to have to do that when I already have his name in a group in my address book and until recently it worked as normal.

  pj123 11:29 26 May 2006

Can you not try having his name in the To line and all the others in the CC, BCC lines?

I run a Lottery Syndicate and have a Group set up for updates etc. Normally my own email is in the To line and all others are BCC.

  harristweed 11:52 26 May 2006

It is possible that his ISP is blocking them. As you are sending to a lot of people at once, the mails could be considered spam by his ISP. Ask him to check with them.

  palinka 11:54 26 May 2006

thanks, pj123. That's what i'll do in future. But it's still a puzzle how it's happened, as all was well until recently and i thought maybe someone would have had similar experience and could solve the mystery.

  palinka 11:56 26 May 2006

thanks harristweed, I'll look into that possibility.
i'll tick resolved for now and let you know if I ever solve it.

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