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  ridding 20:07 26 Oct 2003

Looking for a suitable mail pop3 program that is capable of dounloading from multiple internet based e mail servers at the same time and ( or one after the other ) but to display all mail inbox's without compiling all emails into 1 inbox.
Idealy I would like a folder type view on the left hand side screen with multiple mail acounts on display with the inbox / sent items, outbox, trash etc all seperately .
There must be one out there, but its finding one, I use outlook at the moment but for internet e mail it trows everything into 1 inbox, tried outlook express and you have to open the accounts individualy.
any ideas would be much appreciated.
G :)

  john-232317 20:13 26 Oct 2003

I think if you want different folders you will need different accounts anyway.

  ridding 20:15 26 Oct 2003

Yes I have multiple e mail accounts that I want to view within the same program without having to switch accounts
G :)

Try Pegasus Mail click here it's free.

I've been using this for some years now.

You can set up different identities and Pegasus will connect to each in turn.

By setting up rules you can then file the messages into different folders as they're received.

  john-232317 20:22 26 Oct 2003

You can do the same with Outlook express

  R4 20:25 26 Oct 2003

You can set up Outlook to download POP3 mail from sifferent accounts and put it all in your inbox.

Just set up multiple services (in OL tools) and it poll them at regular intervals and download to your Inbox any mail that has arrived.

I download from BT, pipex and work using pop3.

  R4 20:27 26 Oct 2003

sifferent accounts : I mean Different accounts

  john-232317 20:34 26 Oct 2003

Think this is how to put them in different folders.

Right click on Inbox and select New Folder. Name it and OK. Repeat for each e-mail address.
Click Tools - Message Rules - Mail. Select the Mail Rules tab and click New.

In the top window tick Where the To line contains people. In the second box tick Move it to the specified folder.

In the third box there should now be 'contains people' and 'specified'.

Click on 'contains people', enter the e-mail address and click Add and OK.

Click on 'specified', select the new folder for the address that you just entered and OK.

Give the rule a name(anything you like, recommend the name of the person) and OK.

Make sure that Inbox is in 'Apply to Folder and click Apply Now. Close.

Click New and repeat for each e-mail address.

  ridding 20:37 26 Oct 2003

Yes I realise I can do what you say with Outlook and Outlook Express but I want all the pop3 accounts to download to there own inbox's to keep them separate but be able to veiw them within the same program by veiwing maybe different folders.
Pegasus looks interesting but it doesn't say whethetr the identities can be veiwed without switching between them ie basical re booting the program to that mailbox.
any more ideas ?
G :)

  AndyJ 20:43 26 Oct 2003

dadyasa gave you the answer. I use several email accounts in OE and download them all into different folders using this method. Just make sure your accounts download with any connection

  john-232317 20:45 26 Oct 2003

I have four different accounts going into OE, all with their own folder, read my previous post to do it.You just click on each folder to open it ..

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