mail notifications ; many lost

  p;3 16:39 02 Jun 2007

is anyone else experiencing mail notificaiton problems?many are just not arriving, assuming they have been sent

  p;3 19:23 02 Jun 2007

is anyone actually receiving any mail notifications from this forum? or are they all stacked up on the server?

  birdface 19:28 02 Jun 2007

Do you want me to send you one to see if it arrives.Or maybe you have unticked the little square at the bottom so that you dont receive e-mails.

  p;3 19:35 02 Jun 2007

I have had nowt and I have even checked my spam box on server::(( maybe a bus load will arrive soon? assuming they have been sent from the new server

  birdface 19:41 02 Jun 2007

Well I answered your problem with Windows Firewall that was 10-15 minutes ago, so don't know if that one has arrived yet or not.

  p;3 19:47 02 Jun 2007

I have had nowt ;maybe the server is off at tea?

  birdface 20:11 02 Jun 2007

Its almost an hour since I posted a reply to your firewall question,Looks as though you may have problems somewhere,

  VoG II 20:14 02 Jun 2007

Respond to click here and I'll let you know if I get an e-mail.

  VoG II 22:50 02 Jun 2007

There are two responses to my thread but no e-mails, so you are not alone.

  p;3 13:42 03 Jun 2007

I have had the notification for your 2250 entry above but zilch else::((

  VoG II 16:04 03 Jun 2007

I have now received 3 e-mail notifications - but they all arrived this afternoon!

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