Mail merge or not?

  Stato 09:41 25 Mar 2004

I have a 1 page word document which contains form fields for name & address and other relevant info.

I want to add a second page also containing name and address. is it possible to only type the personal details in once and have the fields in the second page completed as well?

Do I have to set up mail merge or is there another way of doing this without making it to complicated for the user?

We are using Word 2000

  recap 11:29 25 Mar 2004

There may be another way of doing it, but, at the moment the only way I can see is to insert the Merged Fields again in the second document manually, as you would have to in the original.

  Taff36 11:50 25 Mar 2004

Are you actually merging information from a data source such as access or excel? Or are you asking someone to fill in information on page one and it to be automatically inserted into page two?

  Stato 12:02 25 Mar 2004

The information will be getting filled in.
Page 1 has the relevant info for action to be taken by the section receiving it. Page 2 will be the reply to the sender for their action to be completed.

  Taff36 12:34 25 Mar 2004

This can be done if you set up a table in the header of the document. The table has fields in it for the name and address. Obviously when these have been filled in they appear on the next page.

The trick is to make it user friendly you would have to have a simple instruction box at the top of the document. Perhaps two or three sentences.

The fields inserted would be MacroButtons - AcceptAllChangesInTheDocument and would appear on the page as "Click HERE and enter your name" and "Click HERE and enter your address"

That`s the principle of it without going into any fancy macros and coding. I`m thinking it might be easier to achieve in excel but we would need VoG`s help on these two.

If you want me to elaborate post back.

  Stato 13:22 25 Mar 2004

I have thought about headers but the first page was designed for us and other offices to use and is landscape. We want to add an additional page for our office only which has to be portrait and doesn't need as much info as the landscape sheet.

Could you please elaborate.

  Taff36 08:23 26 Mar 2004

I`m not sure this will work for you but to show you the principle see if this helps. Alternatively e-mail me and I`ll send you a document that I`ve already done for you to demonstrate the principle. Note however this is not as user friendly as you might think although it works and the name and address on both pages must be at the top of the document in the header.

Firstly go to Tools> Options and on the View tab make sure the field shading drop down box is set to “always”. Then View> Header and Footer and insert a table with one row and two columns. In the left hand box Insert> Field then in the field name box select MacroButton and in the macro name select AcceptAllChangesInDoc. In the display text box Type “Click HERE and Type your name”. In the right hand pane do the same but obviously change name to address. If you right click either of these fields and select toggle field code you will see the formula within the code.

To set up your second page go to the bottom of the first page (CTRL>END) and Insert> break> next page. Then File> Page setup and on the margins tab select portrait and in the apply section select “from this point forward”. You will now see the header repeated on page two.

You need to put some instruction at the top of the first page. For example “before completing this form please double click in the greyed area above and then click the word “here”. Save the document and then experiment. I`m sure there is a way of doing this using macros or Visual Basic but it`s beyond my capabilities I`m afraid.

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