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  March Wind 00:58 25 Apr 2011

I sent an email that as not been delivered and it keeps comeing back to me saying........... Technical details: Could some on tell me how do I stop this from keep coming back? Can I cancel it? Sometimes it tells me it hasn't been delivered but I am not to do anything.

IO error while connecting to smtp host (0) : on port 25 Could not connect to any listed smtp host.

-- Transcript of session follows -- IO error connecting to: on port 25

The original message was received from: from[]) by ; Tue, 19 Apr 2011 23:23:20 BST Email id: AA201104192323130325180079711081_243s

  Woolwell 10:36 25 Apr 2011

Can you send any e-mails?

Which e-mail client are you using?

Did you have the right e-mail address?

It should expire with time.

  northumbria61 10:38 25 Apr 2011

It could be a problem with the "recipient" (assuming it is only one email you are having problems sending) Are you able to contact them and try asking them to send you an email ?

  March Wind 12:48 25 Apr 2011

Yes it is the one email that keeps coming back. Yes I have thought about asking them to send me an email back but not sure if that will help. Until yesterday it was saying my email hadn't been delivered and not to do anything.

  Woolwell 12:52 25 Apr 2011

The e-mail address may be out of date, the one you used is incorrect/misspelt or there e-mail server is down or full up.

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