Mail Delivery Failure - getting more common

  chrismuir 11:23 22 Oct 2006


I use Orange broadband, with their standard email product (not webmail) through Outlook Express. Have been getting more and more delivery failure reports recently when sending messages, such as this:

delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[]: Connection timed out

The problems seem to be mostly to hotmail email addresses, but am also getting some problems with sending emails to peoples work addresses. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so is there anything I can do?

Frustrating when I get the delivery failure up to a week after I sent the original message.



  spuds 11:33 22 Oct 2006

Doe's Orange (Wanadoo) not have a support forum, or customer support. It could be far easier to resolve this issue by using them for advice perhaps.

  birdface 17:52 22 Oct 2006

Usually If it is not delivered I get mine returned after 4 days,It may mean whoever you sent e-mail to, Has had there computer turned off,Or a simple mistake of putting a coma instead of a full stop,Or maybe the other computer has classed it as spam.Maybe you have a virus in your e-mail system,And other computers will not accept it,Might be helpfull if you do a full system scan to rule out any Virus's. I am sure someone will come up with a simple cure for you,It's just a few ideas you can do while you are waiting.

  chrismuir 21:08 22 Oct 2006

Cheers. I had asked Orange, still waiting for my reply......was curious to see if others had similar problems as it is only over the last 6 months that i had noticed this trend increasing....Will do a full virus scan, hadn't though of that.

  PA28 21:09 22 Oct 2006

I'm having the same problem except that someone's hijacked the important parts of my emails address and is now using it for spamming - I get all the undelivered ones back. My computer is confirmed clean and Zonelarm monitors outgoing traffic, so the spam emails are not coming from me. I have emailed Orange and am awiting a reply - but I feel it may be a change of email address that might be the only answer.

  VoG II 21:09 22 Oct 2006

Bear in mind that Orange broadband had severe problems earlier in the week. You may just be seeing the fallout.

  CJ12 21:19 22 Oct 2006

Just to say I am using Orange Talk Broadband and have been inundated with spam ...
I get e mail failure mails but the worst thing I have is spamers using my e mail account to send out loads of rubish in my name I wanted to change my account from the old freeserve but all you can do is just not use it and open a Orange online account or a account but I dont find them very helpful at all and cant find a forum on the site either so you have to phone them and the call is not free even though all other calls are free...
Dont know if thats any assistance to you...

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