Mail Delivery Failure

  Lillylou 10:12 31 May 2004

Should I open messages that say "Mail Delivery (failure my address...."

Also this message appears

"If the message will not displayed automatically,
follow the link to read the delivered message.

Received message is available at:....".

I have found a few in the Spam folder of BT Yahoo.

  g0slp 10:17 31 May 2004

as this is now a common way of spreading trojans, viruses etc.

Of course, if you've just sent mail, it may be a genuine message. You could always resend stuff you've just sent, & if it comes back again then you know it's genuine

  Lillylou 11:31 31 May 2004

Thanks I wasn't sure and never open anything that looks strange, as I had been off line for several days due to a BT problem i knew that I had not sent any mail.

  jack 11:55 31 May 2004

What is the likely cuse when a mail to a 'regular' bounces and when telephone he sez every thing is normal here - and the address is as in my a-book has not changed?

  g0slp 12:56 31 May 2004

Very wise!

Possibility of problems at ISP - NTL has been bad in some areas recently whilst they've been doing engineering work. I could send, but not receive, & I know of at least 1 email to me which 'bounced' during 1 such period. Don't suppose problem wholly limited to NTL.

Other cause - maybe your contact's in-box was full of spam!

  Stuartli 13:30 31 May 2004

Mail Delivery Failure notices are normally received because one of your own messages has failed to be delivered, usually because of a mistyped address or the recipient no longer has that address.

If you disable Preview Pane in OE (should be a permanent move by the way), you can safely open an e-mail by highlighting it with one click and then selecting Properties.

You can read the header and then the message by clicking on Message Source. If it's not genuine keep clicking Cancel and then delete it by using the Toolbar's Delete button whilst it is still highlighted.

  Andybear 14:20 31 May 2004

Alternatively for future emails, get Mailwasher click here

That way you can preview messages on the server and delete any that you don't want before downloading them onto your computer. I find it very handy.

  stalion 14:24 31 May 2004

mailwasher free click here

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