Mail Daemon ?

  watchful 13:13 30 Oct 2003

Been having trouble in the last few days using OE when mail is not being delivered for up to 8 hours from something called Mail Daemon. Has anyone else experienced this?

  watchful 13:45 30 Oct 2003


  Taff36 14:06 30 Oct 2003

I assume you are receiving messages from Mail Daemon - it would be interesting to know what they say exactly.

In my experience Mail Daemon is usually trying to tell me that I`ve sent a message to the wrong address, mis-spelt it usually and although it says it will keep on trying invariably it fails.

  watchful 14:18 30 Oct 2003

The messages I've had say that a message could not be delivered for up to 8 hours. They were from a subsystem Daemon but today I sent an e-mail to my daughter and she telephoned to say she could not send me a reply as they were being bounced back by this Daemon thing. I've searched on Microsoft but I don't understand the articles.
Any help would be appreciated.

  watchful 15:56 30 Oct 2003


  graham√ 16:37 30 Oct 2003

He is the Postmaster in charge of undelivered Emails. It usually will say why it wasn,t delivered.

  graham√ 16:42 30 Oct 2003

That's MAILER-DAEMON, is that the proper spelling of your message?

  watchful 17:16 30 Oct 2003

Oh thank you Graham! Yes, that is the spelling. Unfortunately the first two of these mails I deleted as I didn't know what they were. This time, when I sent a message to my daughter, as I have done many times, she tried to reply and she got the message as mentioned above. Since then she's sent me another reply which did come through OK.

Another of those mysteries - like weeby vuit?!!

  watchful 08:09 31 Oct 2003

It appears to be another Postmaster general so perhaps the servers were busy.

It definitely was not the result of a mis-spelt or wrong address.

Thank you.

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