Mail Box Full

  genus 12:00 30 Jun 2007

I am using Outlook Express to open my emails but gonuts4free as my email address. I have received an email from Mailer/Daemon at gonuts4free telling me: Your mailbox is close to its limit/quota. Please empty your mailbox
or you
> will not be able to receive new messages.

I have emptied most of my emails from all my folders and have still been told the same message.

Help please


  p;3 12:03 30 Jun 2007

assuming that THIS is your web mail portal?click here

sign in there and see how full or empty the server is?

  Jackcoms 12:04 30 Jun 2007

Unless you are leaving copies of all your mail on your ISP's server, I think you'll find that the message is spam

  amonra 15:08 30 Jun 2007

I used to get that message whenever someone used to send me EMs with attachments of about 8 to 10 MB in size. Once you have downloaded them then it's OK. I think my old ISP had a 10 Mb limit.

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