"Magix Photos on CD & DVD deluxe 6"

  Yimbo 18:13 01 Mar 2009

I'm using the above program to make a slideshow from my photos. All is going well until I try to add a music soundtrack. I appear to be limited to the program's own supplied music tracks.

Does anyone know whether (and, if so, how) I can add tracks using my own music files? I'd find this much more suited to my needs. Thanks!

  eedcam 18:26 01 Mar 2009

Hi dont have that any more but recall you did something like have your show in the timeline and then just import the music file as you did your photos
t .Also Magix has its own forum if that dont work
click here

  Yimbo 20:15 01 Mar 2009

Yes, you can drag music to the timeline - but ONLY (it appears) Magix's own music! I'll try the forums, and see what they say! Thanks for your help.

  eedcam 22:06 01 Mar 2009

Well it worked for me dont know about dragging just opened the relevant drive/Folder/File

  Yimbo 16:11 03 Mar 2009

O.K. eedcam - I found the way to use "My Music" files. Like so much else - it's no bother when you know how!! Thanks for your interest and help!

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