Magix Audio cleaning lab demo ver "problem"

  terendak_uk 17:38 07 May 2005

I just d'loaded it to check it out by recording a 12" vinyl single but it will only record the first couple of mins, then stops recording( music obviously carries on lol). Is this because it's a demo? Nowhere does it state this...that I've found. Anyone tried this demo software? Be very grateful for information.

  terendak_uk 18:27 07 May 2005

Just tried a few more. I want to buy it but just need to be sure that this is a demo-lomitation, rather than a fault, which won't go away even when I activate the demo d'load. Anyone know the answer? Got a coupla hundred Lps here and raring to go........

  terendak_uk 20:03 07 May 2005

Must be some Magix users online...? Listening to those LPs etc...great ( just bought a basic- Flecc-suggested t'table mit preamp...the Bush one. Sounds fine to my ignorant ears). Any alternatives to Magix? Be grateful for info...

  GRFT 14:05 08 May 2005

I have Magix ACL deluxe vers 3.0 and have no problems of that kind, but of course that won't help with your demo version.

  pj123 14:19 08 May 2005

Have a look at LP Recorder and LP Ripper. I use only these for recording all my LPs and Cassettes.

LP Recorder to record as one long .wav file and LP Ripper to split them back to separate tracks.

click here

  pj123 14:20 08 May 2005

Sorry forgot to mention. The Demo version will record up to 4 minutes.

  terendak_uk 15:35 08 May 2005

Thanks very much, GRFT. Now that pj123 has confirmed that the demo version time-limits the recording,I think it's problem solved. pj123......I like the idea, as most skimmers do, of the "all-in-one" approach of Audio lab. I can record as an MPĀ£ or wav...then play with the scrubbing settings to optimise deletion of pops/crackles etc. Does your two progs do this too?
Thanks very much

  terendak_uk 16:10 08 May 2005

Thanks for link. No scratch, for eg, "removal" tool, tho? The demo v just gives 4mins recording least they state that quite clearly, unlike the Magix software. I think the latter gives a min at most! Just gave me the intro to "More" by The Sisters of Mercy, lol.

  pj123 16:19 08 May 2005

Sorry, I don't think they do a clean up. The only thing LP Ripper does is give a 2 second silence between tracks. You could get more info by emailing [email protected] though.

  terendak_uk 17:15 08 May 2005

If you use these progs to convert LPs to wav/ don't need to "clean up" then? A lot of mine have been played so much that they're "dirty"....apologies to Hifi buffs...just didn't know then what I do know now.....

  pj123 17:32 08 May 2005

Yes, I also apologise to Hi-Fi buffs but as far as I am concerned all of my transfers from LP (vinyl) Cassette and Reel to Reel tapes are pretty good to me. I even transferred some very old 78s complete with the "fish and chip" shop frying in the background, but as these are no longer available I reckon it was a pretty good job, (I've still got the 78s but don't play them any more).

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