MAGIX audio cleaning lab - amplifier or not?

  Gateway 20:36 05 Apr 2004

I have installed a MAGIX audio cleaning lab De Luxe 2004 to record old vinyl discs onto CDs. Can I connect my record player (with no on-board amplifier) direct to the sound card (maybe via the microphone socket) or must I have an amplifier between the record player and the PC?

  118-118 Got Your Number 23:38 05 Apr 2004

No you can't.

The way audio is recorded onto vinyl at the pressing stage removes or 'attenuates' the bass frequencies. So if you record direct to your soundcard it will record something, but it will be so quiet and tinny that it would crap to listen to. That's why you need an amp.

Get down to Maplin/Dixons whoever and buy a long phono lead. Check your soundcard line-in socket.

These are usually 3.5mm Stereo Jacks so you may need a 'Y' Phono lead. One end has one red and one white phono jacks - the other has what looks like Walkman Headphone jack. Shouldn't cost anymore than a fiver.

  118-118 Got Your Number 23:53 05 Apr 2004

Take the line-out from your Tape sockets or the Aux sockets on the back of your amp and plug the 3.5 jack into the line-in of your soundcard.

Do a couple of dry runs first to get a good signal reading.

Digital is not as forgiving as analogue tapes. Digital distortion makes a kind of crunching sound.

Remember as you are going to digital, distortion starts occuring at 0db so watch your levels.

  Tick Tock 00:21 06 Apr 2004

I used this program today,i bought a headphone
adaptor kit which are a couple of plugs and
used the one which fits my headphone socket
so i connect the lead from the headphone
socket on my stereo to the line in on my pc.

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