MagicMover: have I lost all my applications? Help!

  BillySilly 19:31 01 Sep 2008

My PC developed a flaky OS IDE drive with lots of damaged sectors, so I decided to install Win98SE on a slightly larger (36Gb) SCSI drive and move the applications over. The datafiles were in a separate partition and are still there. I had considered using Acronis 9 but this copies only a whole drive. I am used to using Powerquest's PartitionMagic and decided I would use the sister application MagicMover to move the applications (which it does one-by-one) from D: to C:. This is quite tedious but the software shows its searches for all the links including registry entries. When I had finished I deleted the old partition, joined it to another unassigned part of the drive and created a new partition.
Only then did I notice that while the applications were listed in folders on c: they were not in Programs. I assumed that I had only to double click on the exe and it would run.
Some however have missing dll or language files, others say they aren't installed, others ask for a serial number. I had assumed that everything would be moved and be installed!
With hindsight I could have run all the applications and written down the serial numbers! I did save a copy of the Windows folder but forgot to make a copy of the registry before I started.
Much of the software is quite old but it included Adobe InDesign2, Illustrator 8.0, Photoshop 7.0, AfterEffects 5.5, Premiere 5.1, Adaptec EasyCD4.0, Macromedia Freehand 10, Fireworks, and QuarkExpress... I can't afford to start again andlearn new packages.
Have I lost all these or is there something I have missed or misunderstood. I just wish I had cloned the whole drive using Acronis and then deleted the partitions I didn't want!!:(
Any help would be appreciated!

  brundle 19:57 01 Sep 2008

Have you formatted or disposed of the IDE drive?

  BillySilly 20:20 01 Sep 2008

Hi Brundle
Formatted but not disposed of it

  brundle 20:25 01 Sep 2008

I've never used that app before, and I can understand that it checks for paths and links etc, but unless it was written to know about every registry entry for every application then I'm afraid your registration/activation info amongst other things has been lost in the move. You could try something like Recuva click here to see if you can retrieve the registry from the old drive - load it into a hex editor and see what you can find. click here
As far as the missing files and (especially) dll's, they can only be fixed by re-installing the application.

  BillySilly 08:15 02 Sep 2008

Hi Brundle
Thanks for the links. Unfortunately after several hours recuva reported 'cannot open drive'
I doubt if it would work as MagicMover would presumably move the links to c:
Where in the registry would the old serial numbers be stored? It might be worth my while quoting them to Adobe etc with the name used at registration. Maybe some of the links are somewhere on c:

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