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  wossie 01:25 30 Oct 2011

Hi I have taken issue in the past regarding advice given in the magazine helproom and again I have to take issue with the advice given in the two months time issue (Dec). Problem 1) Guy has BSOD that can be resolved by reinstall. It could be hardware related, Ram, hard disk etc. Problem 2)He fails to inform that the "extra ram not recognised" can be helped by using readyboost. I have a laptop with 2g max and have allocated an extra 4Gb with a high speed Flash drive using readyboost( Windows 7 64Bit). Vista can only utilise one Flash drive up to 4G, Windows 7 can utilise multiple Flash drives each up to 4G (the multiple option I read on some forum)Problem 3) Since when do you need a 1000w PSU to overclock a CPU. What bearing does the PSU wattage have on overclocking a CPU. Problem 4 A guy installed Vista on his friends PC by installing his hard drive in his PC via DVI cable, he had no VGA cable (what difference does it make VGA/DVI) and put the hard drive in his friends PC. His friends PC reboots with the hard drive installed. "the best solution is to obtain the correct monitor cable and install OS directly on friends PC" More info needed, is he refering to the tower as the hard drive or what? Common mixup. I enjoy the helproom but some of the advise given in the past has been rubbish. Some major stuff from Chris Byers.

  lotvic 01:14 30 Oct 2011
  wossie 01:15 30 Oct 2011

But there is a editor checking this there? One very blatent advice given by Chris Byers was to fit a Quad core CPU to a pc that only had an AGP slot as an upgrade to play the latest games. What Quad core pc has an agp slot? I went through this also in the motorcycle magazines, muppets giving out rubbish and dangerous advice. Someone should verify the advice given. Drink loads of coffee...I'm on the Guinness. Sweet dreams...

  lotvic 01:16 30 Oct 2011

Problem 4 seems clear enough to me desktop-wont-boot-from-fresh-install

  lotvic 01:19 30 Oct 2011

The posts are a bit mixed up in order. Must be the extra hour.

  gengiscant 01:42 30 Oct 2011


  woody 01:44 30 Oct 2011

I have no doubt that in any area of life there are people that give advice which is less that perfect. This help group is one of the best IMO but the man that never made a mistake never made anything. There are usually people around that can rectify a post that gives bad advice but with regard to some problems you often have to try more than one idea before you get the result you need . I think you are being a bit hard but I will put it down to your insomnia (joke).

I see i am not the only one still up!

  gengiscant 04:47 30 Oct 2011

When I posted the question marks to the original posters rather poorly written criticism of people giving advice no one else had posted, yet now I see my post is fifth.Odd.

I see this guy has issues with members on other forums also, seemingly only his advice is the correct advice. He also advices a contributor to take English lessons. Do the words kettle,black and calling spring to mind.

  gengiscant 05:07 30 Oct 2011

Not forgetting Potof course?

  birdface 08:24 30 Oct 2011

.I'm on the Guinness. Sweet dreams...

Maybe that sums it up.

  morddwyd 08:35 30 Oct 2011

FE had better close the Helproom then, as we are all, or at least it seems most of us, are rubbish.

Either that or he should be more diligent when he checks the advice, obviously doesn't spend enough time on the forums!

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