MadeSafe - encryption program

  pppc 20:50 19 Aug 2003

Recently reinstalled Windows98SE. It appears that the cover CD version of MadeSafe, which I had previously successfully installed and used for some months, has become corrupt - it knocked Windows down twice when I tried to put it back towards the end of the reinstallation. When I restarted as requested by the MadeSafe install program Windows came up with the message - 'Explorer has performed an illegal operation and will be closed down'. It was difficult to actually get it to close but when I did I was left with a blank desktop - no START button, no TaskBar, no icons, no nothing. And I could get no further in Safe mode, so I just had to repeat the Reformat/Re-install. I find that I have left a few files encrypted (one can't think of everything!). How can I get MadeSafe working again? Would I have to use the same password. And once installed is it possible to change the password?

  xania 13:38 20 Aug 2003

Once of the biggest problems with these encryption tools is getting at your files if the tool breaks down. I usually decrypt my files before a Windows reinstallation, and I always keep my old installation safe in case, until the new one is up and running. Of course, as your new windows installation just sees a mess of characters, it would be safer to run some form of decryption and THEN reinstall and re-encrypt. click here for how to get hold of the full product - the cover version is only as good as the money you pay for it. This full version SHOULD include a stand-alone de-crypter for which you will need you original password. Good luck.

  pppc 21:14 20 Aug 2003

Xania Thank you for response. I did try to decrypt everything but I obviously missed one small directory. It's not very important so I'll have a think about buying the full suite.


  xania 10:07 21 Aug 2003

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