made a mess of putting in win98

  Ikelos 18:22 09 Jul 2006

hi, long story..went over to my daughters to upgrade her/ grandkids PC, to XP, all gone wrong, so i have brought it all back home, and trying to put win98 back in to start again.

i got to the start with cdrom support, and it now lands up with.

at the A:> I typed setup and it lands up with..

cdr101 not reading.ready drive E.

been on this since 9.30 this morning..any one any idea where i am going wrong


  mattyc_92 18:25 09 Jul 2006

Type in the following (minus the info in the [ ])


A:> D: [where D: is your CD-ROM drive]
[press enter]
D:> setup.exe [press enter]


  Ikelos 18:34 09 Jul 2006

thank you. going to try it now and i will report back

  johnnyrocker 18:43 09 Jul 2006

hurry up before the footie;)


  Ikelos 18:56 09 Jul 2006

back again

right back where it was before :-(

  Strawballs 21:24 09 Jul 2006

How far did you get with the "trying to put on XP"

  Ikelos 22:04 09 Jul 2006

it has landed up as a complete cods up on my part, in a nutshell, i have been putting the disks in the CD drive, about 10 minutes ago, just about to call it a day, when i thought of trying a disk in the dvd drive, and lo and behold, it said did i want to install win98, which it is doing at the moment..

anyway........thank you all for the help. but it was me..

  Strawballs 22:09 09 Jul 2006

Just glad you got it solved

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