MAD START UP off and on pc

  OWENA 21:45 27 Feb 2006

Hi all, I recently had a problem after downloading windos XP update serivce pack 2. My computer initially got really slow and then it stareted actig real crazy. Turning itself off and on not letting me restore past Feb 06. So I thought Virus. I formatted my hard drive, problem remained.I eventually got a new PC. Now I have a new PC and have connected it up and the same crazy stuff happens at start up.Mozilla loads 99 times and I have to turn the PC off and back on. Anyothers had this happen? Have I
upset the microsoft gods? Does my belkin wireless router let all manner of stuff through. By the way my virus checker is bang up to date.

  Strawballs 10:03 28 Feb 2006

This one is new to me when you bought new PC did it come with XP or are you still using old one.

  remind 10:05 28 Feb 2006

Do you have your PC plugged into a surge suppressor ?

  Gongoozler 10:12 28 Feb 2006

Have you loaded the same software on your new computer as you had on the old one?

  keef66 10:42 28 Feb 2006

same problem on 2 pc's???

Statement of the blindingly obvious I know, but it must be related to software you're loading or hardware you're plugging in.

Try with just XP loaded, then add things one at a time, testing and rebooting each time, until you see the problem.

Extremely tedious, but the simplest way of identifying the cause.

  OWENA 22:42 01 Mar 2006

Thanks. I think it might be realted to the Belkin router as when I dont plug this in the problem resolves. Has anyone had this happen with hardware?

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