Macrium some basic advice please

  bumpkin 16:47 17 Oct 2015

I have used it for a long time and found it very good but I have only used it for cloning not imaging. If I use their boot disk it requires me to give an image location which I can't do.

I now want to use an image as that sounds much the same thing but with a bit of compression. When I have selected the source drive it says Destination "Folder" can someone explain what to do please.

  rdave13 17:05 17 Oct 2015

You need to create a new folder on the external drive. I usually name mine Paragon Win 10 171015, as I use Paragon. I usually name the PC as well, as I use Paragon on three laptops. That will be the destination folder you browse to and easily identifiable. That's it.

  rdave13 17:10 17 Oct 2015

I should have added that if I don't create a destination folder first Paragon will create one on the C drive which defeats the object really. I don't know if Macrium does the same.

  bumpkin 17:31 17 Oct 2015

Thanks so presumably i can put any name into the folder option but whatever i put in it say syntax invalid.

  rdave13 17:36 17 Oct 2015

syntax invalid means you're using an invalid character, hence the date I use is 171015 not 17/10/15. It's to do with the recovery disc/usb recognising the image to restore to.

  bumpkin 17:37 17 Oct 2015

I don't want to backup the whole drive just the partition named "C" which has the O/S on it and some programs.

  rdave13 17:43 17 Oct 2015

Imaging is like cloning. You either clone or image the drive. As for imaging only the C: partition then I don't know if Macrium will do it. Imaging a partition can create problems from Win Vista onwards as you can have multiple small partitions (sometimes hidden) needed to get Windows to boot.

  rdave13 17:56 17 Oct 2015

My system shows this;

. Note that the HP recovery partition has been deleted. SSD is GPT not MBR.

  john bunyan 18:16 17 Oct 2015

Macrium can do an image of the C drive. Choose the option that says "Back up partition that contains windows" or similar wording

  rdave13 18:22 17 Oct 2015

That's all well and good JB but if your drive dies you're basically stuffed. Restoring C: drive partition only on a new Hard drive will result in 'unable to find a bootable disc' or words to that effect. This is from Win 7 onwards I believe.

  rdave13 18:26 17 Oct 2015

Remember that you can have a hybrid BIOS/UEFI since over 3 years ago and simply imaging the C: drive will not supply the boot info for Windows.

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