Macrium Reflect question for dead pc

  john bunyan 07:05 16 Jun 2018

I bought a Dell XPS 13 in April that has died - motherboard failure - and is being replaced by Dell. I cannot remove or get access to the 500gig SSD that has , in particular, a lifetime Malawarebytes Premium license and Photoshop CS5. I do have a Macrium image from a couple of weeks ago, and a recovery usb stick. The new PC will be identical. Is there a way to use Macrium to save reinstalling these programmes? If not how to deal with the lifetime licence etc as I can’t de register the dead PC although Dell will securely wipe the SSD. Very annoying as it took a week or so to set up with iTunes, wireless printing, Photoshop etc etc No worries on data as that is backed up and I use imap on email and have a desktop. Any suggestions gratefully received. New pc will be about 2 weeks or so.

  john bunyan 07:37 16 Jun 2018

Re MBAM. Rdave13 has answered on my other thread - thanks. However the question on Macrium remains.

  john bunyan 07:41 16 Jun 2018

PS Not sure if this is complicated by Dell’s use of bitlocker on their HD

  [DELETED] 10:40 16 Jun 2018

Take a look at this ,it opens as PDF to print, but just cancel to read the notes.

Whatever you decide to do I would certainly create an image of the new machine before trying to restore your old image on the new machine. A bit of reading to do I think.

  wee eddie 10:56 16 Jun 2018

Log into the Macrium Site, enter your Name/Handle and Password and redownload

  [DELETED] 10:58 16 Jun 2018

On the other hand if Dell can confirm the new laptop is identical, motherboard etc., then I would be tempted to try and restore your old image as is but only after installing Macrium on the new laptop and creating an image of that first, as a backup, if anything goes belly up. You could then restore the image in Windows using Macrium.

  [DELETED] 11:00 16 Jun 2018

I should clarify the last sentence "You could then restore the old image within Windows using Macrium".

  john bunyan 11:35 16 Jun 2018


Thanks: will look at that when it arrives!

  john bunyan 20:48 17 Jun 2018

Still awaiting new PC . Will try rdave13 suggestions; if I can get MBAM Premium to work and Photoshop by persuading them to allow a transfer without deregistrating , a clean install may be better if longer do do - eg it comes with built in Office Outlook 2016 Home and Business . I can reload iTunes etc. The whole thing is a wretched nuisance!

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