MacAfee Javascript remote access Scam

  Christine Ann Russell 17:25 12 Aug 2018

I purchased a new computer and was trying to install the MacAfee Security that I had purchased from Currys. My grandson typed MacAfee into Google and licked on the first link, thinking this was genuine we went ahead and typed details in name, address, tel no and the number on the back of the card. we could not get the card number to work, 5 minutes later we received a call from MacAfee requesting remote access which my grandson agreed to. The man talked incessantly asking for £129 to sort out all the worst trojans and virus we could imagine we had on this brand new computer. I realised it was a scam and put the phone down. I am now scared they can get into my old computer as they have my ip address from gaining remote access and they can get all my banking details. I am scared to turn the new computer on and want to return it to Currys. Am I being paranoid. I have reported the telephone number to the Fraud Squad. Should I continue using the new laptop or having had remote access once can they now gain access again? Any help or advice would be welcome as I am not computer savvy at all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 12 Aug 2018

No they cannot get into your old computer or probaly the new one unless you have the pro version of windows 10 or your grandson has actually downloaded and installed some form of remote access software such as teamviewer or logmein.

to check if remote desktop is enabled power on the laptop and switch off the wireless (put it in flight mode) if it has a wireless button switch it off or use the notifications tab (bottom left of the taskbar) and select flight mode.

click Start - settings - system - remote desktop you will probably see a red message saying "your home edition of windows 10 does not support remote desktop."

so without remote desktop or some form of downloaded and installed software then he was lying to you about being able to see your machine.

  lotvic 18:34 12 Aug 2018

In addition, you can reset your laptop to 'factory fresh' which will wipe it clean and put it back to how it was when you first switched it on.

What make and model is the laptop so that we can give details of which button to press.

  lotvic 18:43 12 Aug 2018

You can change your IP address by switching off your router, when you switch it back on it will get a new one assigned click here or you could use the "ipconfig /release" details and guide on link

  Christine Ann Russell 11:29 13 Aug 2018

Thank you so much for replying but how come we had a message come up onto the screen with a list of things that I cannot remember but one of them was something to do with banking details. How was he able to do this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 13 Aug 2018

was this on the old or new computer? it may just have been a link to the banks home page.

Change your banking passwords as a matter of course, and and other passwords to marketing sites such as Amazomn, paypal etc. and reset the laptop as per Lotvic's advice

  Christine Ann Russell 14:39 14 Aug 2018

Many thanks for your help

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