Mac v Windows laptops: what would you recommend?

  Pebblett 17:50 21 Jan 2018

Hi. ….. I don’t know who to ask so you can pass me on if you need to!

You’ll know the answers to the questions I have - I have a 27” mid-2011 iMac.

If I were to buy a laptop, here are the questions I don’t know the answers to - and there are probably questions you’ll know I should ask ……. !!

1 We use Word, Excel, PPoint, Photos, Mail, and quite happy with the iMac. (It’s slow; but that’s another issue). 2 I would like the laptop to work with the iMac - sharing files / USBs / etc rather than not compatible. Also Photos is Mac, and we photo-edit a fair bit. 3 I need plenty of storage, and plenty of RAM for speed………but I don’t use it for gaming / downloading or streaming movies (the odd YouTube) 4 A HP ProBook I use occasionally is ok, but battery life is appalling 5 The more USB / other ports the better

Budget-wise I don’t know what to say - if I limit myself to a cheap laptop and it’s useless, that’s no good. On the other hand, I do know some Macs are very expensive. So if I knew what would work for the above requirements, I’ll then see if I can work round that.

Thanks a mmillion Ann

  Forum Editor 08:27 22 Jan 2018

You appear to be answering your own question - you are used to working with a Mac, so why not stay with that platform? Macs are not cheap, but perhaps that isn't the most important factor here.

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