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MAC Address for PIXMA MG 5751

  bluebelladog 18:50 03 Jun 2017

Hi I have windows 10 and a PIXMA MG5751 printer, my laptop has stopped connecting with the printer, after much searching when trying too re-install, the MAC address that the laptop finds for the printer is different from the one the printer says it has, but the right printer model No. is ok. Any help please. Thanks Allan

  q33ny 19:58 03 Jun 2017

How are you doing the re-installation? User the proprietary software provided with the printer or if you go to settings/devices/printers&scaners and click on Add a printer or scanner does your laptop finds the printer? Can you connect this way?

  bluebelladog 23:20 03 Jun 2017

Hi I am using the original cd and the canon web site, settings show my printer with an error by it, trying to add a printer just comes up with unable to find device, the MAC address for the printer begins with 60 but during the installation the MAC changes to 62 but the model No. is ok

  bluebelladog 08:57 04 Jun 2017

Thank you for your advice, I removed drivers and tried too add printer but got same could not find printer, so went back to cd and when I get to select printer from list it still shows up with right model No. but still comes up with the 62 instead of 60 MAC No. apart from the wrong MAC No. everything else goes ok until the end when it says unable to find printer on network.

  q33ny 08:59 04 Jun 2017

I have a wi-fi HP printer that initially it asks me to connect the printer directly to the PC via USB cable. In the process the software asked me to choose what should I use wi-fi,lan or USB. Try to install the printer when it is connected with the USB cable.

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