M3U to Mp3

  lintony 13:49 20 Jan 2006

I have been downloading some music. When trying to play it, I noticed that the files were m3u and not mp3 so I am unable to play it.

Is it possible to change these file to mp3?


  ICF 16:53 20 Jan 2006

How big is the file because M3U is not a music fomat as such but a playlist format click here

click here

  ICF 16:54 20 Jan 2006

Sorry to answer you question NO

  Mark5001 16:56 20 Jan 2006

M3U was originally developed in late 1990s as a standard playlist format for MP3s, although its use has since then expanded beyond MP3s.

The .m3u files are basically just textfiles that list one MP3 or other media file on each line, normally with full path or URL to the file. If the .m3u file is loaded to an MP3 player, the player normally plays the list of media files in the order they are listed in the playlist.
So They ARE NOT music files themselves just a playlist.

  lintony 09:15 21 Jan 2006

Thanks everyone for your response.


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