M.. Windows Updates - all fail after many attempts

  amyfleur 13:28 16 Feb 2005

I cannot download any Microsoft Windows Updates from the Microsoft website. Checking back on my installation history, going back to early January, over 350 updates - all 'failed' to download.

Upon trying to force a download from Microsoft Windows Update I get "The updates are being downloaded and installed", then after a few minutes I get a message to say the updates were 'failed' again.

I have successfully downloaded Microsoft's AntiSpyware and done a scan which came up clean. (I also have Avast & Spybot on my PC). I have changed my settings in Internet Explorer to work with Windows Update. I have temporarily switched off the Microsoft Firewall. I have followed instructions from previous postings:-

ie. Right Click My Computer and hit Manage. Now go to Services and Applications and then Services. Most likely if you are having this problem you have been here before. You need to make sure that Background Intelligent Transfer Service is NOT disabled. The default setting for this service is as Manual and it seems to work fine this way. To change this double click Background Intelligent Transfer Service and under Startup Type select Manual and hit Ok. Now reload Internet Explorer and try it again.

(XP SP2 has been downloaded from your disc last year)

Any advise please?

  bretsky 14:18 16 Feb 2005

"Checking back on my installation history, going back to early January, over 350 updates - all 'failed' to download".

Are you sure?....Just looked at my updates installation history which says 214 since July 2002........Win xp home ed sp1.

bretsky ;0)

  ventanas 14:41 16 Feb 2005

Probably includes every failed attempt. I wish I knew what the answer to this is. Ten of the computers here have the same problem. The download window appears, and then they all fail. No error message or code, so have no clue at all. The strange thing is all 31 pc's are set up identically. So why should these ten have the problem. I can still get the updates by downloading individually. amyfleur to do this note the reference number of each failed download (usually KB...), and type it into the search bar. From the results it should be possible to find the page to download each update. Long-winded I know, but its all I can think of for now, and I've been thinking for months. Incidentally one of the machines had to be formmated recently. Its been ok since. If you solve this please let me know.

  amyfleur 14:47 16 Feb 2005


I assume the reason why there are so many... is because I have tried many times to force a download from Microsoft using both the 'Express Install' from the Help and Support Centre on my PC and also going directly to the Microsoft website and trying to download from there. I can only assume that these additional attempts have accummulated on top of the daily scheduled automatic updates that my PC does each day at 15:00.

I have just now gone back in to see my installation history and there are 42 'failed' downloads for today alone!

  amyfleur 14:59 16 Feb 2005

Thank you for your suggestion of downloading one update at a time.

I have just tried KB873333 (the first update that I came to). Everything seemed to be going well. Then I received this banner:-

Extraction Failed

update\update.exe is not a valid Win32 application

While I am posting this straight away I am going to try another one and see if the above happens again.

  amyfleur 15:12 16 Feb 2005

I have now managed to download 2 Microsoft Windows Updates by downloading them individually.

So it looks as though it will have to be the long slow way of doing this.

  ventanas 15:18 16 Feb 2005

For you Win32 app problem click here the answer may be in here. You are not alone.

As for the updates, it will take longer but at least you'll get them. Pity me when I've got to do this with ten machines.:-))

  bretsky 15:23 16 Feb 2005

Yes, I would suggest as Ventanas pointed out, to do a custom install and choose by size of update, and leave the big updates till last...a pain I know!!

Also make sure you have automatic updates unchecked to you have caught up.

I'm just wondering whether updates is not recognising your sp2 and trying to install updates you already have or would it tell you?

Cannot find anything on this "update\update.exe is not a valid Win32 application"

bretsky ;0)

  amyfleur 16:53 16 Feb 2005

I tried your link and eventually found this: click here

The site said there could only be a possible 2 causes for 'Not a valid win32 application' so I tried a re-download of 873333 and this time it was fine.

So that was a good link - thanks again.

I'm looking forward to the 'custom installations' now! NOT!


Thanks for your advice too.

  ventanas 08:39 17 Feb 2005

Sorry I missed your last posting. I should have mentioned something else which would have saved some time. When each update is complete make sure you tick the box that says Do not restart now. You can then install all the updates with only one restart at the end. I should have remembered this yesterday, but never thought to. Sorry if you've wasted time restarting after each update.

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